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Does anyone know where I can source a multi (at least 4) faucet tower locally. I've been searching around the web but can only find american suppliers.

2nd hand would be fine.

I'm looking for something like this...

I know you probably don't want to buy from the states but try (yes a states site, but might be worth considering). I read on the country brewer that people have bought from these guys and they were sent asap and people were happy with the price.

I may be able to track one down for you from a mate. I'll see if I can find out and get back to you. No promises though.

Cheers, Justin
Thanks Justin, that would be great.

I might be able to source one for you -

would be second hand and around the 250-300 mark plus freight.
If you want new, you can get it from Andale, Botany Rd, Beaconsfield(Alexandria).
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WTF Stu????????????????????

AAAHHHH waking up after BBD!!!!

I am getting a price on a three tier font - do you want me to get a price on a four tier?

PM me with a list of everything you want/need...and i will see what my mate can do.
looks like wee stu,s daughter has hit his comp again.....
could be wrong but reckon this is what has happened guys.

Here are the prices for faunts and taps.
Freight is extra because it has to come from Canberra, and
items are second hand/reconditioned unless stated other wise:

3 way chrome Faunt complete with snap lock fittings and recon Anndale pull down taps with 5m of 5mm beer line connected to each faunt - 315.00
Plastic disconects - 17.50ea
New Grundy Free Flow S/S tap with new snap lock fitting and 2nd hand fridge adaptor - 145.00 - no handle. Turned wooden handles add 15.00ea.
Recon Anndale pull down taps with snap lock fitting and fridge adaptor - 70.00ea.
4mm beer line - 2.00pm
6mm CO2 line - 2.50 pm
S/S Joiner 6mm to 4mm 5.00ea.
S/S clamps 1.00 ea.

GMK Gas outside the fridge set up - consists of Ball lock valve, 6mm nipples, all clamps, S/S 6mm T piece, Plastic Liquid disconect and 3m of gas line - 57.50.

Willing to help Adelaide brewers in the set up etc...

PM if you are interested in anything...

Thanks for looking....

I think if you ring a guy called Bill McBride at Brewmaker home brewing in Adelaide, he has a box of s/h fonts there that he wont want much for, if he hasn't got one then he would have 2 twins i'm sure.

If you want parts give me a ring.

Either way, I'll try to post tomorrow for a complete s/h setup for you.

Dave Stewart
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Turned wood tap handles are cheap and easy to make yourself. Just buy some staircase railings from somewhere like Bunnings, cut off the bits you dont want, polish up with whatever stain you like, add a nut to fasten to the tap, and your done. I found some nice railings for $11 and you will get 2 tap handles out it.

Have a look at this web page for more details


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