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The Imperial Metric Brewery
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Called into Little Creatures on the way home from work for a bite to eat and a couple of pints. I noticed they seem to have instlled some nice new vessels :) I read a while ago they were going to double their throughput so it looks like the kit is in. Lots of nice big SS vessels now :p Can't see the back wall for all the fermenters!

Shame they probably don't have any old vessels for us crafbrewers :D

Lamb pizza is the favourite :) nice food & beer
any pics jasony?
place must be getting real full now.

big d
Nah no camera, looking quite full. The vessels go all the way to where the bottling machine used to be I think that must be elsewhere :)

If I go back soon I will grab some shots, Batz won't be able to get any more secret hop box shots now there are too many fermenters :p
Wanta make a bet JasonY
Batz will get the sneaky pics , in November , watch this place ! B)
Yeah... I was in there a couple weeks ago in a in/out work trip to Perth.

It looked to me like they'd pretty much filled up every spare bit of space in the shiny area facing the front bar area, but it had been a long time since I'd been there so wasn't sure.

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