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Tony M

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Well, after 8 or 9 hours of misery, I pitched the yeast in the brew at 8.30 PM on Thurs nite and now here it is Sunday at noon and its all finished. It went from 1056 to 1016 and tastes bloody good. I used the new wyeast 1084 and it fair gobbled up the brew. I pitched at 22C and put it in my fridge at 14C. The strip thermometer on the bucket never dropped below 20C so that is an indication of how much heat is generated during fermentation!
I guess I should rack and let it sit somewhere cool for a couple of weeks. What temp should I store it at for this period?
Being a stout, it doesnt necessarily need to be racked for clearing.
Me ,personally, rack it and put it back in the fridge(unless you've brewed again and the fridge is full) prolly around the 10oC for a week and then bottle/keg. This will force some of the yeast and trub to fall from suspension, thus speeding up the conditioning of the beer. Afterall it is an ale not a lager.

The dark ales really race dont they

I agree with Linz except i rack the stouts for 2 weeks and dry hop them with either goldings or cascade.

Just make sure that you run it thru a GMK Filter into th ekeg or bottling bucket for bulk priming.
An irrigation filter from Bunnings/mitre 10

GMK, got a piccy??
hey GMK i thought it was a no-no to dry hop stouts. Not that, that should stop anyone.
irrigation stuffs is non-food grade, beware!

Jovial Monk
wedge said:
hey GMK i thought it was a no-no to dry hop stouts. Not that, that should stop anyone.

only a no no if you enter it a stout comp - as aust comp style guidelines dont have a Foreign Extra Stout category - gets enteres as and aus stout and you are penalised for any hop aroma and flavour...

I have used the irrigat ion filter for 2 years no problems.
it is a 13mm in-line irrigation filter.
i also use neta hose snap lock fitings...

No probs yet....

will try and get a pic - I know Big D took one
Yep still waiting on a picture from another thread GMK. Hope we get one soon.

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