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Hi All -

As some of you know I was looking for a Bass recipe. PM (post modern - as opposed to post meridian, private message, particulate matter etc :p) suggested a "partial" mash.

How does this differ from a full mash? - and could someone point me in the direction of a website that explains how a partial mash is done/works etc?

Cheers -
With a partial mash the bulk of the fermentables (ie malt) is from either a liquid malt extract (LME) or dried malt extract (DME). You perform a small mash with malt and specialty grains to get the balance of the required malt and the characteristics of the beer which you are after (this comes from the specialty grains).

A great site to start learning all this stuff is
Hi Jason -

Thanks for that :).

and you add the products of this small mash to "extract style" brewing?

Damn acronyms - I thought LME was light malt extract and DME was dark malt extract.