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everything i have done too get rid of this doesn't work.
the latest microsoft patch did not work and the symantec worm blaster removal etc says theres nothing there.
It looks just like the w32 blaster worm.
running 'shutdown-a' stops it shutting my pc down but all the info i have found has not yet worked to remove it.

Anyone else have this problem and have any addvice for someone who doesn't have a clue where to look.
I have looked at virus forums and it seems everyones having the same problem.

Do i just wait untill someones comes up with a new patch as i said the new microsoft patch designed for this doesn't work on this new trogan.

Oh i should say iam using XP pro and the KBwhatever patch from microsoft did not work.
also i'll say i don't know one end of the PC from the other.

Thanks Rubes. It found a worm and deleted a few files.
I really did look hard enough for that I guess, but I new I could count on someone here finding it.

Cheers Jayse
Another one i've got is a spyware pop while on the net?
How do you get that of your PC.?

Cheers Jayse
Not sure what you got but this might help. Good tool for detecting and deleting lots of adware which is often guilty of spying on or hijacking your browser. Post the name or symptoms and I might be able to be more specific.


Just be aware that you need the free software AND the latest reference file which is a bit higher up the page. Also it will detect lots of Cookies. Not all are bad. If you delete them you may have to re-enter some details next time you visit that site. Just go by the site name. If it is AHB leave it alone!
Jayse, you probably won't think this is very helpful but the most effective approach is to format your hard disk and install linux or freebsd.
I just downloaded and installed that rubes. i'll see how that goes it sounds like what iam after.
sosman no, that does sound like great addvice which is the best version of linux for me do you think and where do i get it.
I installed dragon once but couldn't install my drivers to work properly.
Bigfella i don't see myself ever getting a mac but thanx.

Adware found and deleted 270 entries. bloody hell my PC was loaded with all this stuff.

cheers rubes.

sosman: I'd agree but for DirectX and all the lovely games.

Bigfella: mwuhahahaha. Right.... Actually I only laugh at Mac users because they pay thousands more for their machines simply to run a *nix derivative on proprietary hardware...

As much as I hate Bill, Micro$oft and Windoze, I'd have to say that the major reason their OSes are targeted for worms and viruses is not ~only~ because they're so poorly written, but because they're so widely used. If you were going to write a virus, you may as well pick on the operating system that most people use every day.

In any case, I have no fear of Sasser (which is the worm that's shutting down your PC at random, by the sounds, jayse), because my home network is behind a Linux firewall.

jayse, if all you want your machine to do is browse the web and use email, Linux might be the way to go. I haven't yet seen a distro that I'd feel confident getting anyone but a geek to install and set up, tho.
Rubes said:
When do you know you have too much?
When the guy at the PC shop says "but Sir, they don't make hard disks that big!"
Post modern i run many, many music production programms for song writing and recording etc and windows is great for them. Plus heaps of games which require alot.
Favourite game ATM is Battlefield.
I have a Athlon thunderbird with many bells and whistles.

cheers for everyones help and yes it was the sasser.
bigfella how many gig is too much porn? iam not stopping tell iv'e downloaded it all. hahaha.

Hey Jayse you tried Battlefield Vietnam yet? Awesome B)
No mate, i'll look out for that iam playing 1942 with the desert combat upgrade.
it is hard though to pilot the aircrafts, still haven't got that down properly.
They made planes and particularly helos MUCH easier to fly in Vietnam. Even I can do it now! The F4 is f#%king excellent when you lay down some napalm. Bit slower gameplay than DC but lots of nice new features. PM me if you want to see a "demo" version ;) You can play online but only on "demo" servers. ;) Definitely a game worth buying.
Played desert combat with guys from work - LAN with about 10 guys, choppers were bloody hard though.
Global Ops is a fav for LAN games.

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