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I finally found some dried orange peel for my Hoegaarden/Wit clone.


Finally some new brew's I've never tried before.


Bush Noel 12%
Jamieson Raspberry Ale 4.7%
Floris Beer 8%
Chopper Lager 6%

:chug: :chug: :chug:
I've tried the Jamieson raspberry & was underwhelmed but they make 2 others, a pale ale & a bock style IIRC and they were very tasty. Where did you get them? Mine came from the brewery. The Chopper heavy looks like it should pack a punch :lol: Is it made by the man himself?
And just $1.20 too 1

Now how did you post two pics on the one post?? :unsure: :unsure:
KenEasy there is great bottle shop on Swanston Street right next Young & Jackson Pub, its called "Nick's wine merchants" There international beer range is tops. ;)

Choppers Lager probably has blood,guts and bullets in it :p

Batz, I use this web site to upload my pic's:


Then I just use the image tag twice within the same reply. :)
Thanks Barney, I'll have to go there.
TDA, the Floris Beer is a "Witbier with Fruit" well that's what is says on the bottle. It looks similar to a cherry lambic. <_<
Notice the ringpull on the Jamiesons. You don't see them too often these days. I wonder whose old bottling plant he bought.

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