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Newbie looking to learn the Belgian ropes

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I'm probably a bit of a unique case around here as i don't know many (other than my old man) with a similar beer taste as myself.

My parents spent 8 years in Belgium and i had the opportunity to visit them a couple of times and do some European travelling. I got to try some Westmalle Tripels, Hoegaarden, Leffe Blond etc. and really took to those styles.
Back in Aus I've always gone back and forth with beer and never really found anything i was super impressed with, but used to drink Carlton Cold and Extra Dry, blonde beers etc. back when i was younger.
I've now found an awesome bottle shop near me that sells some truely amazing Belgian beers. Specifically, i love tripels, quads, and strong ales. I only buy a couple a week as at $10-$15 a beer it gets pricey.

I've discovered i really don't like high IBU beers and prefer to keep it in the low 20's, and like a high ABV. I can sit on a single Rochefort 8 for an hour and a half no problems. Now i've finally started looking into brewing my own.
If anyone has any tips or ideas on where to start that would be helpful, but i will trawl the forums tonight and see what i can find. I'm guessing the best place to start is to get a basic plastic 23L drum and a starter kit such as the Mangrove Jacks Traditional Series: Dubbel or Trappist Ale and go from there.

I have been roasting my own coffee for about 10 years and make my own ice cream so i'm no stranger to tinkering and love to learn.


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