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I want to brew a light alcohol beer for one of my family for the Summer. I am a kit brewer at the moment. I am open to all suggestions for any light alcohol beers that anyone may have brewed.


use use the can and no extr dme ect as the beer would no tbe strong
how light % alc

the last low alc i made was a can of goo (coopers lager)
250 grms of dme 250grms dextros and dryhopped in a secondary before priming for one week to clear and add aroma some cascade hops 20 grms.
was only about 3% from memory and tasted ok but not alot of body .
if i was to do this again i would only make an 18 ltr batch .
but i think that might increase the body but the alcohol should stay the same as the sugar content wouldnt change would that be correct ?
del :)
No, if you reduce the amount of water, the percentage of alcohol by volume will increase. Less water so more concentrated. It will be stronger! :chug:
One of my favourites was a Coopers Lager brewed to 20 litres.
Used 150gm dextrose and 150gm wheat spray malt.
Boiled this 15 mins with 10gm Hallertau and added to the kit.
Had a bit of body, no overly bitter, but a good flavour

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