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Hey guys, over the hols i brewed out a cream ale and used voss kviek instead of my usual california common. The results was a beer that closer resembled a summer ale or blonde ale due to the pronounced limey citrus characters from the yeast. This result got me wondering how this would perform in my traditional fat yak clone, i usually use so4 but am considering substituting it out lallemend voss kviek. I feel like the lime from the yeast and the nelson, and cascade would pair nicely my only concerns are kviek tends to attenuate on the dryer side, and would the lime flavours from the yeast overpower the brew? Keen for some input, brew is a 23 litre batch and grain bill is as follows
4kgs pale
700gm vienna
20g choc malt
10.3ibu @45mins
6ibu nelson sauvigon@45mins
5.4ibu cascade @10mins
5.2 nelson sauvignon @10
20 grams of each on flame out and 20g nelson as a dry hop after primary fermentation is complete
Better test of kveik character than something an AIPA, XPA, APA etc. would have.

Hop character in cream ales gets debated. I came of beer age on them because they were the most palatable cheap brews. None, not even Liebotschaner or Spotted Cow, had or have anywhere near as much hop aroma as your beer.

But I'd probably prefer yours. Looks tasty.

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