CMC Cascade Pale Ale recipe development!!! Hops, water/mash profiles and all :)

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CMC Cascade Pale Ale
(Columbus, Cascade, Mosaic)

Goal is to create a beautifully clean and crisp lightly coloured pale ale. To have an apperent light body with an initial malty caramal/biscuit tone, which then finishes dry on the pallet with a pleasant slightly spicy grass ish hop flavour (which is esentuaded by the tropical yet earthy aromas of dry hopped mosaic, not sure if I'm going to include this hoop addition yet or not.)

What you guys can do to help!
1. Confirm my direction of recipe as a whole
2. Suggest minor changes or point out any discrepancies in my thinkings.
3. Help me make a firm decision on the dry hopping of mosaic

Please note: I've gone to a lot of trouble matching water profiles to mash schedules to yeast strains. As well as malt and hop selection to try create a well balanced beer that meets my target... I've played around with water, mash profiles and yeast strains before tho not always as a whole. This is also my 1st ever recipe development from scratch so I could easily be wrong.

3.445kg Joe White - Traditional Ale
890g BestMaltz - Vienna
415g Weyermann - CaraHell
180g Weyermann - CaraMunich 1

Firstly Joe White traditional and best vienna were chosen for their malty biscuit like characters, while the German carahell was chosen to not impart to much colour or caramel yet assist in the toffee/caramel like flavors provided by the caramunich.

Hops 35 IBU ish total
20g Columbus @60 for 23.5 IBU
19.5g Cascade @30 for 9.5
13g Cascade @15 for 4
8g Cascade @5 for 1
20g Mosaic dry hopped for last 7days (not sure if this will suit this beer, still not 100% on this one)

My choice of Columbus comes from not waste low AA cascade as a bittering hop tho at the same time maintaining the spicy grass notes that make cascade such anappealing choice. I also love hop aroma :)
Cascade was obviously chosen for the flavour and aromatic additions as this is why this recipe has come about.
NOW for the MOSAIC debate... I want the mosaic so as to give a bit more aroma and character (and have read its a great team player when paired with cascade) tho I don't want the mosaic to steal the lime light nor do I want it ruining the beer that I'm trying to create (ref above)

Mash Profile
Mash in 42c
Increase 55c for 20
Increase 63 for 40
Increase 73 for 20
Increase 78 for 10

Multistage mash profile with a protin rest for a nice stark white head retention:), I've gone with a longer alpha rest in hope to produce more fermentable sugars yeilding not only a higher gravity but also a dryer lighter finished beer. As this would then give a more apparent bitterness I have adjusted the water profile to bring the malt more forward.

Water Profile (ppm)
Adjusted town water for -
62 Ca, 9 Mg, 11 Na, 95 Cl, 55 SO4. 5.47PH (might add a bit of lactic acid to get this down as I'm hoping for a light colour)

I've gone for a low SRM water profile with a higher chloride to sulphate ration in an attempt to bring the maltiness forward and drown out the apparent dry bitterness of the mash profile but keeping a low bodiedbeer.
The current ration is 1.7ish to 1 (tho mightbe inclined to bring it a bit more back to 1.5ish (tho not sold as the yeast should ferment dry) to ensure the apparentbitterness drys the pallet and invites yaback for another gulp of goodness :)

British Ale wyeast 1098

This yeast has been chosen as it ferments well down at 18 thus limiting esters and producing the clean beer I desire. It alsoferments crisp and dry with good floculation and attenuation. It's also said to create well balanced beers and allow malt and hop character to shine thru, which is perfect for ehat I'm trying to achieve... Ithink.

I hope you've enjoyed my write up and I look forward to all the positive... and without a doubt some negative feedback. Let's all chip in and make me a tasty drop ;)

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This recipe is scaled for a 25lt mash with a 10lt sparge @78c post flame out (I get about 82% efficiency outta my BM this way).
The recipe is intended to have a OG of 1.057 and to get 20lt out of the FV.
I am now using a BM (new purchase and loving it) however I don't see why a single stage at 64-68 As BIAB wouldn't work also.

I then intend to go for a 90min boil prior to chilling and pitching a 1lt starter from the stir plate (I can't believe I lived without one of these when I first started) into 21 of fresh wort at 18c

I also have a ferm fridge which will keep the wort at 18c for 14 days prior to kegging.

Scaled recipe thanks to BIAB brewer and water thanks to EzWater

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