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Kegging Fridge

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Pick Mildura, Vic or Mount Barker SA, I'll also consider delivering to Adelaide

Keg Fridge, fits 2x 19L kegs $400
2 x celli taps with adjustable flow
1x drip tray
1x standard CO2 regulator
1x digital display temperature control (cool only) wth 20cm stainless steel probe
Setup and working with quick disconnects, non-return valves at each beer QD and at the regulator and a fan that turns on when the fridge is running (a kind of fan-forced)

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10x 19L ball lock kegs @$60 each. I have some replacement rubbers, I'll include them with each keg on first sold basis until I run out.
I'll throw the last two kegs I have left in with the kegging fridge for a package deal of $460
Ok no takers on this. It's going on evil-bay
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