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Hi I have gone from haveing a full on bar, frozen font the works to living in a unit without room to move,yesterday I picked up a Kegerator
from a local garage sale,dont know what make,its a little black thing with a toy font on top got a rounded door so the keg fits in,you see them all the time on ebay.anyway we want to have a 50 lt keg on the beach on chrissy day which I will serve from my jocky box,but if it rains or we dont drink it all,it will have to go in this Kegerator,the thing is the beer line on it is so short I cant see how I would balance the beer lines and the tap is a real funny looking thing like the shite ones you see in cafe bars so can someone give me some clues please I have heaps of couplers and bits and pieces to work with but I wont get much of a chance to play with it and test run, its going to be a case of the first time its used will be at the party so I need to get it right first time.
1 what lenght should the beer line be and at what pressure
2 how do you fit a xxxx keg in has a hole in the top at the moment to fit a xxxx coupler on but I dont like this idea
3 I think the other owner ran it with the gas cylinder inside can I drill a gas line hole in the side.
4 will it actually keep a keg cold in Queensland
any help will be good Thanks
no idea mate, but i tell you what...

I'd hate to be the ******* that has to carry the full 50lt keg from the carpark to the beach. :D
no idea mate, but i tell you what...

I'd hate to be the ******* that has to carry the full 50lt keg from the carpark to the beach. :D
Its not too much of a worry my back gate is 25 metres to the beach and we have a little trolly.thanks for the links Mate
Not many powerpoints on the beach in Hervey Bay either...

Unless you are between the beach and the Esplanade, on a powered caravan site; or on Fraser etc with a geny. If you have power, why bother with the jockey box? If it was me though, I'd still run the jockey box and forget the keg fridge (i.e use it at home).

Change the taps out for some flow control taps?
Got any cornelius kegs? They are easier to lug around.
If you don't like a xxxx coupler on a xxxx keg, how else would you get the beer out of a xxxx keg? I believe there are low profile couplers out there, I do not know if they would suit a xxxx keg. Also right angle fittings on the coupler instead of straight might give some more room.
If the keg of beer is already cold before going into the kegerator, with it's thermal mass etc, the fridge should keep it cold. Chilling a 50L keg of ambient temp beer might take it a few days. I crash chill my beers in the fermenter and then rack into my kegs, thus the keg full of beer is already chilled.

Whats wrong with the keg and jockey box getting rained on? I would have thought an electric fridge would like the rain even less.
Jockey box doesn't care if the beer is not all consumed because it only cools the beer after it leaves the keg. Don't most folks have the keg at near ambient temp? Keep the sun off the keg to stop it getting too hot. I did this on the weekend for a boys camping trip and it worked perfectly (but I had corny kegs and was able to cart them around easily), also ambient temps were only in low 20's.

Heck you could even dig a hole in the wet sand to put the keg in to keep it slightly cool, just not where it will get drowned by the rising tide...
Its not too much of a worry my back gate is 25 metres to the beach

Really? In Scarness? I thought you would have a front gate facing the beach, then the Esplanade, then the bike path, then some parks/gardens, then the fenced dunes, then the beach?

Sooooo you must therefore be in the Beachfront Caravan Park, and would have power... and could use the kegerator 'near' to the beach. :D

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