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Hi There,

Since my keg fridge has died, and a chest freezer is a few weeks away, I am wondering if it's possible to storage full kegs in warm conditions, i.e, outside refrigerated conditions.

If so, am I better burping the keg and then gassing it once required, or gassing it first and letting it sit until required?

ive always been told to store them un gassed, if they are already gassed, leave the top off in the fridge, let it go flat, put the lid back on, burp the keg and store... ive never done this tho...

.... wait.. i'll look after them for you! :rolleyes:
I store mine gassed....

No problems so far.

u could add priming sugar to the keg and let the beer naturally carbonate in the keg. Will need to vent the presure weekly for the 1 st couple of weeks.
Also, 1st couple of glasses will have alot of yeast sediment in them.
I store mine gassed , I don't have enough room for all my kegs in the fridges so I store them inside.
This in turn is often a matter of conflict with the other half <_<

I think I read somewhere that CO2 is a yeast and bacteria inhibitor, so I would store them gassed.

- Snow
well there you go... i've been ill informed, if i store i think i will do it gassed from now on...

I burp the keg and then wind up the gas to 200kpa and then take off the connection......if I have room in the fridge I store the keg in there or it sits beside the fridge for the next free spot...every few days I check if the pressure is still in the head space and if not I connect and gas up again......when ready to comsume I connect gas and leave for 2 days at 100 kpa then reduce to puoring pressure and enjoy....
Its my way of CCing....sounds strange I know...but hey it works

JWB :chug:
Hi all,

I am getting ready for Christmas, I have a simple Aussie Pale Ale in secondary ready to go into the keg next Saturday and a Sparkling Ale in primary ready to go into the other keg in a couple of weeks.

My question is also to do with keg storage, what does everyone think would be the best way to store these beers until 22nd of December?

Both beers will be in the kegs but I have not stored kegs with beer in them before, unsure as to the correct pressure etc...

Jase ,
you could always bring them over my place mate
We'll take care of em
Jase ,
you could always bring them over my place mate
We'll take care of em

I think he may have sorted it out by now Frank...given that he made that post just over two years ago :lol: :ph34r:

Oh well then....I'll jump in and offer to look after DK's kegs till the 22nd!!

Just gas them up and burp the air out of them, then top up the gas again, and sit them in a cool dark corner of a room/garage till you need them....

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