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After muckin around for months trying to gear up on the cheap Ive just mashed and boiled up my first all grain beer Yay 6 hours from the start of mashin thou. aimed for 1.045 25 litres ended up with 1.049 22 liitres (got to be happy with that. hope I didnt do my over hopping trick but. oh well see how it goes.
Cheers Jethro
( Ill end up devorsed thou if I cant keep hte mess down thou)
Good onya Jethro! Just getting into AG myself and I have to say that the difference is amazing.

What did you choose for the big AG #1?
Welcome to AG, Jethro!

Key to brewing and maintaining connubial bliss: buy a camp burner and 9Kg propane bottle and brew in the shed, not kitchen :)

And it will take you a while to refine the system and know your efficiency etc. AG always does take hours, though.

Jovial Monk
Way to go Jethro ,
now you gunna want to buy all sorts of things :p
My AG's take around 5 hours all going well
Well done Jethro.
Sounds like an awesome effort.

May the fermentation gods be with you.

I just went for a pils I boiled in a 55 litre keg in the back pergola with a three burner boiled for 1 1/2 hours and boiled of 12 litres (bit more than I expected) then chilled with a immersion chiller (3/8 copper coil) 20 minutes. The time factor for me was batch sparging. and filtering water with a jug. I have picked up some areas where I can improve next time around but I guess I had already had a head start by advice to this forum. Its a ripper
Cheers guys Im of for a beer Jethro
:rolleyes: :D

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