J. Boag & Son Has Run Dry Of 2 Styles

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A pub with no beer is one thing.
A brewery with no beer is so much worse :eek:

We don't seem to get Boag's XXX ale or Draught Light here anyway.
Disgraceful !!!!

They need a good thrashing with a wet hop flower !!! :p

Batz :ph34r:
Your never had a good thrashing till you have one with a March pump :lol: :lol:

Whew.....it was a big christmas! :wacko: :blink: ;)

Although if I have to drink another XXX anytime soon I'll spew. I can admit to single handedly consuming all stock of XXX. Just connected up my march pump to the bright tank and away I went.... :p

I actually thought they had trouble selling XXX ale and thought it was one of their more uncomonly drunk beers. It's quite hard to get down south, but I'm guessing the northern drinkers still love the stuff. I was a bit worried that they would drop this line of beer in favour of the corona/dry/bud/miller inspired Boag's St. George chicks beer.

Apart from that the XXX isn't a bad drop really.

Cheerio. JD
Boag's was probably giving away one of those combined stack hat/pump doovers "stomach punchers" with every slab to increase sales.
damn i was surpriesed when i saw that in the paper today! i cant believe people drink THAT much of the stuff (the XXX or the draught light). drinking bad beer is one thing, but drinking so much that the brewery loses their own stock of it is something else. hopefully though, this has led to some beer experimenting, and people thinking about what they drink (doubtful).
Looks to me that people with bad taste are telling these snapperheads to brew more of the stuff.
The brewery can smell a dollar a mile off, and will pounce on this opportunity to promote megaswill.
Maybe they didn't do well with the Boags 1880 ale (or some similar name). I liked it well aged.