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Full Blichmann 3v electric HERMS setup with 2 14.5 gal fermenters and more for sale gold coast

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everything must go here is a list of what I have would love to see it go in one go but I know it probs won't happen. open to offers as I would like to move this quick everything is priced to sell if you want the lot it will be at least 1000 dollars lower than my listed prices located in Southport on the gold coast will be available all weekend Friday to Sunday cash and pick up preferred but will post if the seller pays postage

take the lot for 5000 ono no reasonable offer will be refused

brew setup.jpg

prices are per listed item only example if you want the 30gal mash tun with fasle bottom you add the 2 prices listed together or give me your best offer for what you want
30 Gal Flase bottom1199.5perfect condition
Blichmann BoilerMaker G1 MASH KETTLE - 30 gal1360False bottom and auto sparge connected
Blichmann BoilerMaker G1 BOIL KETTLE- 30 gal136012000W Three Phase Stainless Steel Circle Heating Element can be run on single phase as well
Blichmann BoilerMaker G1 HLT KETTLE- 20 gal1270Has HERMS coil for larger vessles and 12000W Three Phase Stainless Steel Circle Heating Element can be run on single phase as well
Blichman Auto sparge166older one brass come with extension for 30-55 gal mash tuns
Blichmann Therminator Wort Chiller1270always cleaned comes with attachment kit
Blichmann Through THRUMOMETER113for 1/2 pipe
blichman inline oxygen kit160have changed to fit a d size oxygen tank
Mk 2 Pump2100keg king pumps extened wire for controll system
14.5 gal blichmann fermenters21330perfect condition. all seals good
blichmann HERMS coil large1130in the hlt tank
fittings and hoses12702 long 2 short with 316 stainless cam fittings
temp probes390calibrated for the REX-C100 Digital PID Temperature ControllersPot Mount PT100 3 Wire Temperature Sensor – 2″ (50mm) Probe – Mash to Brew
12000 watt elements233012000W Three Phase Stainless Steel Circle Heating Element12000W Three Phase Stainless Steel Circle Heating Element – Mash to Brew
pid contollers340REX-C100 Digital PID Temperature Controllers made for output to SSRREX-C100 Digital PID Temperature Controller – Mash to Brew
heat sinks240Three Phase Heat SinkThree Phase Heat Sink – Mash to Brew
swtiches6130pumps switches are 1 way elements switches are 3 wayZB5AD3 | Schneider Electric | RS Components
SSR relays2120Three Phase Solid State Relay – 25AThree Phase Solid State Relay – 25A – Mash to Brew
contactors2703 phase 25 amp contactors
lights320Schneider ElectricZB4BV033 | Schneider Electric | RS Components
range hood170full stainless range hood 3 piece 240volt with led lights
3 phase plug140
brew bench1200professionally made for the brewstand (pedistool table needs to fixed to wall)
kettle matts660heat proof rubbermatts
mill master1370perfect condition can sell will the base which sits ontop on 60l plastic fermenter
scales1200Weight scales, Able scale, HV-200KGV-WP, push weight modes, stainless steel, 220kg Max weight
gram scales1100spoon style goes to 0.000
ph meter1200hana instruments
mash padle110stainless steel
leg extenions for blochmann fermenters1130makes blichman fermenter standing hieight
frigdes2130both fridges need fixing. the controllers died have bought 2 new ir33 controller to fix it but havent dont it yet
kegs4200bought at auction have recipet if your worried about it
miele professional dishwaser1340used to stanitize and clean beer related items
hop stopper1170bought from the electric brewey in the USAHop Stopper 2.0 XL with custom dip tube (for Blichmann kettles larger than 30 gallons)
control panel11750comes will all the componets which make it work (switches, contactors, SSR relays, heat sinks, PIDS, power cable, 3 phase plug) staniless cover


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Slick looking bit of kit you've got there Rle. Had to sell my Blichmann gear not long ago (due to moving and space constraints) and will definitely buy more if I get back to multi vessel brewing.

Not in the market at the moment, but hopefully someone snaps this up, as it looks like a cracking brewing system.



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need this gone open to whatever offers are out there

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