Is My Fridge Dead?

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Hi guys, just throwing this out there in case anyone knows the answer. I have seen another thread of a similar prob (I think it was Doc's fridge) but anyway, here's my problem.

I have a two door fridge/freezer. It now seems that my fridge will not get down more than a degree or two below ambient temp. However, the freezer compartment down below partly freezes (just a section along the wall) but doesn't seem to get really that cold either. I have had the fridge turned off for about 2-3 weeks after the last brew I did, which I fermented at about 13-15oC and it seemed to be working fine then.

I'm guessing it's not the thermostat because the fridge turns on and runs (not sure if it turns off though, guessing not because it doesn't get cold enough), so I'm thinking maybe it's lost gas or something? Has anyone else seen this prob, I'm guessing I'm not the first.

A little ray of hope :rolleyes: Through sheer luck I have also aquired a small chest freezer that I'm yet to pick up, which is good timing as my kegging parts arrived today ( :D :D :D :D ) and I have a kegged brew ready to dispense, so I'm not completely done over if this fridge is dead, but I'd like to have a lagering fridge back :( .

Thanks guys.


P.S. Maybe this fridge should go! It looks like I'm collecting them. I currently have 3 fridges, a non working bar fridge for a warmer fermentation cabinet, and soon another chest freezer. But out of this I really only own one fridge, the bar fridge and the chest freezer is on loan. I guess that isn't too bad.
Hi Justin,

Yea, sounds like you might have a blockage in the refrigant lines. My Problem was that the freezer section was still working but the fridge section was getting bloody hot. Cost me $160 (on Rugby League World Cup final night !!!!). The fridgeo bloke spent a grand max of 15 minutes at my place. And I thought IT contractors charged alot..........

Hey that sounds like it could be a possibility, Hopeye. I haven't had the fridge long and I only fired it up for the first time for the last brew. It came from my brothers place and to get it out of the house they had to lay it down. I guess some of the oil(??) out of the compressor could have gotten into the refridgerant lines? I know when moving a fridge you are supposed to let them sit for a while before starting them up to let all this drain back down.

What did the fridge guy do? And can the laymen have a crack at it? I'm guessing you weren't paying the slightest attention to the fridge guy because the final was an absolute cracker. Thanks for the idea anyway.

Cheers, JD

The fridgeo bloke hooked up a cylinder of refrigerant and upped the pressure, much like CO2 into a keg. I'd have to take a guess that having a fridgeo bloke come round during normal working hours (as opposed to on a Saturday arvo just before Rugby World Cup) would be cheaper than renting the gear yourself (if you can rent that stuff.....)


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