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Not sure what others thought of the International Beer Festival in Adelaide on the weekend, but I reckon it was a crock of shit! :angry: Their website said over 100 premium beers from Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Belgium, Ireland, Greece, Mexico, Japan, Germany, England, USA, India, Czechoslovakia, Pakistan and Venezuela.

Bollocks there was! :angry:

I counted them, and there were only 40 beers and I had tried them all before except two. And it's hardly an International festival when 21 of the beers are from Australia and 8 from South Australia.

I was expecting the opportunity to try a variety of beers I had never drunk before, and it was a reasonable expectation when they say there will be over 100 beers. But what was actually on offer was a joke.

I usually go to bottle shops with a bigger selection than was on offer, with a much wider international range, and I don't have to pay ^#%*&@! $15 to just walk into a bottle-o.

I got so pissed-off with the stitch up that after 20mins I walked out and asked for a refund, which they reluctantly gave me.

I note they said it would be a yearly event. I'm never going back.

Thank you for listening to my rant.
maybe it would be worth slinging the organisers an email asking them what gives.
not all of the public can be conned with the international beers" bud,corona,stella,moosehead,etc as true international" they are just mass produced o/s beers.dont know what was on offer but am quessing along these lines.same thing happens up here when the local celebrates octoberfest.its all o/s mass produced stuff that the public thinks is the real o/s style wrong they are.i quess it happens at o/s beer fests...fosters vb 4xxx etc.hardly a true indication of good true beers brewed local.

big d
hanging out to hit the international beer shop in perth.true o/s beers supplied
well big d go to the kesington rd bailey and bailey spos to have a good range of import beer i shall go there soon
Thanx for the heads up on saturday MAH. Against your addvice i headed along anyway. Meeting up with a few mates made it worth the while.
But like you say there is a much, much better range already available here in some bottle shops.
It really was not up to scratch one bit but we ended up making the most out of it.
Actaully we just got tanked up on alpha pale ale. :p
We should just hold our own private international beer fest next year or anytime for that matter.

june sounds like a pretty good time to me jayse ;)
im sure a scrounge through a few adelaide brew shops would come up with the goods.
shame im not going to perth first then to adelaide as a trip to the international beer shop would supply me with heaps of international beers to bring to adelaide for you all to try.nevermind i will just keep you blokes in mind when im enjoying my belgian selection from the shop.NOT :p :lol:

big d
Sorry to hear that MAH. At least you got your $15 back!

I have grown to cringe everytime I hear the words "premium beer". Premium = expensive in Australia. Nothing to do with taste or quality unfortunately.
Iam putting down a couple more batches for your stay bigd.
So far on tap i'll have cream ale, yakima chief which is tasting unreal and i got full attenuation from 1.070 down to 1.017.
Still very very malty even with the unreal amount of hops that went in. I could drink it right now after only one week, its a great drop.
Also my mash paddle will be fair game if theres any left by then.

Tommorow i'll do a porter and maybe next week........ hmmmm don't know yet.

thread hijack
sorry mah
sounding like some great unreal brews jayse.
sounds like the load of b/s here in darwin for our beer festival. meant to be 20+ beers blah blah, oh look guiness, kilkenny and boddintons (sp). gee like i've never had them before (not that there is anything wrong with them) and the best of aussie beers. i was disapointed, not even a keg of lcpa or even grand ridge :(

the pub down the road had more beers on offer!!
Well the beer festival held in Cairns last weekend was interesting.
They had a peach beer which was probably the most unusual of the lot. Lots of Grolsch, Heiniken, Kingfisher, Montieth's Lager, Stella, Guiness, Kilkenny etc. I settled for a few pints of Coopers Pale and Stella until 4pm then it was $7 jugs of Bohemian Pilzner and Cascade Autum Amber. At that price I knew on Monday morning that I'd had my fair share!!! :p

Sorry to hear the Adelaide festival was a dud Mark. I guess the Flocculators could organise one for family and friends B) .

Rubes said:
Sorry to hear that MAH. At least you got your $15 back!

I have grown to cringe everytime I hear the words "premium beer". Premium = expensive in Australia. Nothing to do with taste or quality unfortunately.
I cringe every time I hear the word "premium" . Having used to work in the wine industry where premium is used to describe everything above export swill, ie Rawsons Retreat is classified as "premium"

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