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Kings Cross Brewery
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Sorry to start the old "is this an infection" thread.. but I have never had one in 6 years, and have never seen this on my beer either.

Dr Smurtos golden ale.. I've dry hopped it but it had this stuff on it even before then.. Looks like a greyish mold.. Used 05

Have you tasted it ?
If it smells or tasted like arse ( not that i know what arse tatses like, but i know what it can smell like ) ..tip it...
Otherwise , if you keg ...and it tates okay...keg most of it , leaving the top litre or 2 behind and drink quikly !
This is, of course, in my very humble opinion....
Some people choose to never drink crap beer....
Looks like an infection to me. Agree with above
Pour some from the tap and taste it. If the last drip from the tap is kinda gooey - it's aceto, and it'll have a sharp, metallic, acidic taste.

But that looks like the start of lacto - and there might be a hint of tartness in the beer - but as long as you get it into a oxygen-free, cold place it'll not get worse.

Lacto got in when you opened it - probably from your breath.
G'Day Cap'n,
I have had it worse than this.just syphoned out and left the last bit on top.Beer was ok.
Definately get it into a keg and carbed asap then drink.

That looks bad.

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