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Brewing at the battered's shed
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Flying into melbourne for a week wheres the good bars brewerys,my cousin lives in aspendale gardens.

Mountain Goat on a Wed or Fri nights a must. Rainbow Hotels also a nice friendly place to hang out with a good selection with Little Creatures around the corner.
Hey Sav,

I'm lucky enough to live right near Mountain Goat!!...definitely check that out as mentioned above.
You can head to Purvis Beer bottle shop on Bridge Rd on a Friday night for free tastings (4:30 to 7:30 i think) and an amazing range of beers.
The Royston Hotel (on the same street as Mountain Goat, up the end) has a Beer Night on Tuesdays with brewers to talk to and more free tastings. They also have a heap of craft beers on tap...and great food.
And the recently opened Matilda Bay Garage Brewery in Port Melbourne (Bertie St) is worth a look too...they do tours and love talking beer.

Enjoy :beerbang: !!

+1 The Royston. Good food, tons of craft beer on tap. Check out Mountain goat while you're there (it's across the road)

City, Mrs Palmers.

Closer to Aspendale there is a brewpub which I can't remember the name of having consumed half a bottle Evil Twin (6.8%)

Edit: Mrs Palmers may be a happy ending but Mrs Parma's is what I meant
I just went to the temple brewery. And would recommend, some good beers on tap. The unifikator is awesome. The brewer from weihenstephan came over to help brew this beer.
I just went to the temple brewery. And would recommend, some good beers on tap. The unifikator is awesome. The brewer from weihenstephan came over to help brew this beer.

Good to meet you Drew! Great northern in carlton is good, Mrs Parmas in the city or beer deluxe also good.
Yes good to meet you too. Funny how you can meet a member at a brewery with no prior arrangement.
Local taphouse in St Kilda
Beer deluxe in city
Penny Blue in city
De ja vu in city
Cookie in city (well good alc range but I hate the place - noisy, crowded yuppie central)
Mrs Parmas in city
Bar Fred in Nth carlton
Great Northern in North Carlton
Mountain goat in Richmond
Temple in Brunswick
new brewery/bar in Brunswick, Thunder Road

I haven't been yet but I've heard good things
Hi brewers thanks for all your replies i have just got home .Let me tell you melbourne is too friggen cold for me I have never wore a jacket and jeans so many days in a row.
So I got to do a mini pub crawl on friday with the wife and a five year old and I must say melbourne you have the beer scene sorted.Started of at mrs parmas shared a parma with the wife and gutted down some brews. My fav would have to be the amber I think it was mildura amber spicey like it had a rye hit too it.
Then of too penny blue what a awsome beer bar I think I could get real smashed in that place, I had The Ipa on pump then the porter cracker,On the tram to young and jacksons it was getting towards the arve so it was getting busy met the manager and he sorted out a room in cafe staff where awsome I had a pint of the brown nice beer and followed with two pints of ferel hop hog.
Then on the last stop the transport hotel there again we met the manager at the door to see if dustyn was ok to come in,He said it fine before 9.00 and it wasnt too busy yet he got dustyn a lemonade and we made our way through a trendy man cave some money been spent there.Saddled up too two pints of hoppy heffe the missus had here fix of ciders through the day and dustyn was in bed before it was too late at the langham for a night.

Thanks melbourne for having us the zoo and aquarium was awsome and friendly people.

cheers sav
Dragging up an old thread, but in Melbourne for two weeks in emergency at the woman's for placement, so decided too spoil myself with dinner. silly me started a tab so now my mission is to try a much as I can. Somewhat disappointed that I'm too early for the 3 ravens dark smoke on the rotating tap, but enjoying myself none the less. :chug: :chug:

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