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For thirteen long years i have longed for this day... Today is my last HSC exam, Business studies. Now if you will direct your eyes to the time of this post you will see it is 1.40am (add an hour for syd) Now what am i doing up at 1.40am.... 8.5 hours before the exam begins??? I can't sleep, im too excited about life. Next year i plan to work a ski season with my girlfriend at Perisher Blue and then a ski season at Whistler Blackcomb, Canada. How can anyone sleep with this future in mind?

What were you feeling when you finished school?

Did you end up doing what you wanted to do?

Congrats mate

Hope it all works out for you

Sounds like your be having a blast next year

Cheers Aspro
Being up late before exams usually involves panicked study for me. One time when I stayed up all night I drove to the exam with a bottle of energy drink on the roof of my car. Didn't do very well in that one.

I'm not doing what I want to do just yet, but I will be. I'm a patient man.

All the best for your exam and your future.

PS aren't you too young to be drinking beer? :p
Kai, im 18 years young. I started brewing at the ripe old age of 16 and i am about to buy a still.

Scotty said:
Kai, im 18 years young. I started brewing at the ripe old age of 16 and i am about to buy a still.


you mean "water purifier" :ph34r: - Every success with your exams :)
:lol: :lol: A boy after my own heart. :beerbang:

Scotty: Age 18 - Liver: Age 65. :p

Warren -
Mad thought that I was the youngest brewer on here @ 23, and a fellow sydney sider...

Never too young to be a pisshead is it aye man?

Good luck with your exam.

And me all that I wanted was to get out of school and I achieved that am in a fairly decent job so lovin it!
Good Luck Scotty!

My brother is also doing his final exam today (business studies).

I asked him if he wanted to come to the gym this arvo, but he give me a very blank look and said: "I'm gonna be very drunk!" :party:

Fair call i spose :p
all the best with the exam :)

so you started at 16 the brewing good on ya! beats vandelizium and drug abuse!
more 16 year olds should be more constructive like scoty.

just cause you brew it dosnt mean you abuse it :D

i think it gives you one of the best exams in life altogether "HOW TO BE RESPONCABLE WITH ALCOHOL"
dose any one agree?

del :chug:
Hey! Quit posting here and get to that exam!
after exams (successful) i remember thinking "thanks Jeebus all that crap is finally over, now for some real life!"
Not 1 employer ever looked at my results.

Life from then on has been a lot like homebrewing. Nothing from school has really been that significant (other than being able to spell on AHB!, and the odd science lesson) and most of what I've learned has been from reading, asking questions and life experience :)
My last year 12 exam (in 2001! so long ago...) was PES English, and returning the books after felt so good... I was a happy man. Later that night, I relaxed with friends, for I was finally free. :beer:

But, then I went to uni.

Friday I emailed in my last essay (5453 words, my longest yet), and I felt great, no longer an undergraduate!!! :chug: Finally I can look upon all those first years' and sneer. :p

Next year I have honours.

Man, I'm looking forward to that! Since I am going to be overseas until the near the end of feb, I have to start my reading now and plan what I want my thesis to be about before I leave, so I can hit the ground running... This means going through another 5 or so reams of paper before december... oh well.

I'm going to write about the country I am going to in my holiday- Israel.

here is an idea for your thesis why dont you do a doctorate on what you like to do ,eg: home brewing. :D

i am sure that this has never been done before so you would be a proffessor of the wort. cool hey ?

:excl: Israel hey thats sounds scary man wouldnt get me there in a flash that is a crazy part of the world man .If you realy want to live dangerously may i suggest you drink all you homebrew in one night then go play with a packet of razorblades whilst sitting in the middel of port wakefeild rd at peek hour. at least youl have a chance. :blink:

oh well good luck mate stay safe

Honours is the hardest year of uni you will ever do... you will wish you were still in undergrad :blink:
I left yr10 (17yrs ago ) and got an Apprenticship and got a Trades Certificate.....Remember them....the old fashioned ones that actually taught you skills..

I actually earn more $$$ than a lot of Uni Grad that I know, and I am "on the tools" every day...

I feel happy that I did not go to Uni and have to work at Macca's and fight for a job with all the other Uni grads..there seems to be a lot of unemployed Uni grads and not enough tradesmen...

Viva La Tradesman..... :super:

Viva La Homebrew :beer:
too many people want to be a fancy lawyer and we don't have enough plumbers damn it! :)
I'm in my final year of Computer Science. Studying for my last exams at the moment. Can't wait until they're done.

Good luck to everyone else!


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