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As I've said in other threads, I'm a new brewer and have just realised I've made a very dumb, rookie mistake on my first brew. I bottled last night and just remebered I only put one carbonation drop per 750 ml bottle, not two. They've been bottled about 16 hrs now. Will I cause much damage by opening them (PET with screw caps) and adding a second drop to each bottle?
Go for it, no harm at all
Now's the time to do it as it's just been a day or 2 and you'll not have any significant carbonation developed in the bottles yet, so you won't loose any carbonation by opening them. It's actually rare for me to complete a batch without some little mistake or other (have a look in my blog and you'll see plenty of mistakes made and how I dealt with them) so don't be to hard on yourself, it's all part of home brewing.
Raced home and added the drops. There was quite 'hiss' in a couple of them which surprised me but overall no damage done I don't think.
Prolly a good thing as IMO two carb drops per 750ml is a little over carbed, for my liking anyway

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