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i just got pack form buying a jerry can and it got my thinking, if i ya cc in the jerry then bulk prime and fill the jerry back up instead of into bottles and keep it frigded, would it be sweet as to drink straight from the tap???

just thinking could be convienient then carting bottles round the joint???

has any 1 tried this????
I recon you would split the jerry can, unless you went for a very low carbonated english style cask ale.
I don't know, those jerry cans hold a bit of pressure when they heat up with fuel in them.

Are you talking about the steel or plastic ones?
yeah but these aill bi in the fridge not making much in the way of gas

ya can bottle into plastic bottles i dont see why ya wouldn be able to just apply the same prinipal on a larger scale, it is toughend p[lastic so i dont think it would split
Would it go flat as you start drawing off pints and the head space in the vessel grows (assuming air has to replace the space the beer leaves when drawn).
Only one problem. As you pour beer you'll increase head space and decrease pressure. As the pressure decrease more and more CO2 will escape from your beer. So unless you drink it in one session you'll end up with a flat beer. You need to top up the CO2 to maintain an even pressure in your plastic keg system. Don't despair Flanbos, it can and has been done. Check out Graham Sanders article, it describes exactly how to make what you are proposing.
i doubt it would hold the pressure, you would probably get a leak somewhere anyway.
i know i left a beer in one (in the fridge to cc) and the gas slowly built up and i forgot to release the pressure and it started to leak. beer was slowly being forced out through the tap thread.
If you want to go that route,treat it like a proper English cask conditioned beer. Vent it when the pressure starts to build too high otherwise the tap will start to leak. (You ought to do that anyway with ANY English style beer for a few days before serving, to release unwanted volatiles anyway.) When you drink from it, you'll have to allow air in to replace the volume (which is exactly what English pub do). If you don't move it, so the oxidised layer does't mix too much and you minimize the oxygen disolving into the beer, and make sure you 'hard spile' it (retighten the cap) when you aren't drawing off beer, you should have several days to drink it.

On the other hand, if you are planning on moving it around while part empty, forget it. It'll oxidise real quick. If you want high carbonation - forget it (the tap will leak for sure).
Check out Graham Sanders article, it describes exactly how to make what you are proposing.

In Bunnings yesterday and next to the plastic pump sprayers (as used by Graham for a keg) was an SS version, at $70 I didn't get one, but was tempted.

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