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Hi guys.
About a year or so ago a ice bank temprite came across my path for the right price so I bought it an put it in the shed till i got a chance to get round to fixing it up a bit.
I have plugged it in and filled it with water and it got down to 0 degress in less than an hour.
The bank came set up with one coil and plumbed into two guns. All the lines where old and crappy and everything was a bit grubby.
I filled it with a good dose of Precarb and gave the inside and outside a good clean.
I have dismatled all the lines and have tried several times at G&G and Kegking to get some new fittings to get this set up so I can run either ball lock or commercal kegs through it.
I have just open a small Cafe bar with my wife and have put on a good bottled beer list but want to start offering a beer on tap. Im really limited to room and was hoping to utalise this little one whilst the business gets up and running witht he hope to put in a bigger glycol unit in the next 12 months.
Im flat out at work at the moment and me spare time is spend at the cafe.
Im looking for someone in the Melbourne area I can drop this off to and get it set up how I want it.
Any ideas??
Cheers Rob


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