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I Need A Beer Fridge

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I need a fridge becuse i managed to break my other one (dont ask) im looking for one around $20. Im in Sydney.

Thanks Scott
Im after a fridge too, I didnt know you could get them for $20. At that price I might buy a couple.
Morry maybe you could do a bulk buy - as i'll take 2 also :p :ph34r:

sorry i can't help scotty
Try the trading post. I got my fridge for $30 as it was so heavy the owner basically just wanted it moved. And after 3 flights of stairs, i almost gave it back.
And at that price I want some as well. :p :p
Yep ..trading post or ebay is the way to go.

Hey Scotty, if the old one still has good seals dont throw it out , I use one to brew ales in summer in, put fermentor in and freeze up a couple of 1.25lt pet bottles with water then rotate the frozen bottles every 12 hours, 18deg constent temp. :rolleyes:
FOUND ONE!!! :rolleyes: And i got it for the tidy sum of $0!!!!! Remember its not what you know its who you know :lol:
Well done Scotty! I too scored big on the weekend. I had a few mates over to help empty some kegs and one of them turned up with a free fridge for me! I was stoked, as my current fridge is too small for my 3 kegs and I can't cold condition without taking the kegs out. Well, the new one is big enough to take 4 kegs and 2 Jerry cans for cold conditioning, with heaps of door shelves for yeast, hops, bottles etc. So there I am with a big smile on my face and a tape measure in my hand trying to work out how it will fit behid the bar so i can finally mount my new 3 tap font, and my wife walks in and says "it's too rusty to put in the entertainment area - and besides we don't need a new fridge...we already have 3!!" So then a good sized row ensues with me trying to convince her that fridges can be painted and you can never have too many fridges (or too much beer for that matter....) and that I want a 4th keg for my birthday so I can fill my new fridge with more beer ;)

Anyway, I interperet stony silence as consent B)

Cheers - Snow.
A great weekend for all! Fridges all round! :D
I get enough spiteful glances as it is when the power bill comes in. And we only have 2 fridges.

It was worse in winter when I was trying to do ales by keeping a heater going in the brewroom 24/7. $150 extra for the quarters power bill, and I now do a lager in winter.
i just recently scored a free fridge for lagering so now my fridge count stands at 3 plus a barfridge plus the trusty engel.and my cold room.
a bloke can never have enough cold storage space. ;)

big d
thats for sure, my largering fridge came in at $0.. my keg fridge came in at $0 .. the bar fridge $0 ..... plus other bits of scrap metal... mate, the side of the road has many prospects!...

id love to convert a room in the house to a cold room..... just need to chat to the boss!
Big D, where did you get your coldroom from and how much did it cost? Also do you have any pics?
hi scotty
the cold room is part of the house.its at the end of the carport and is about 10 x 10 give or take abit.i just added the a/c to keep things cool.its currently storing beer ,fermenters some of my ag stuff and all the gardening stuff and tools.gotta get around to sorting it out.
i will post some pics once it looks half clean ;)

big d
cool bananas, look forward to seeing the pics big d.
Ive been looking around in the trading post, theres not much on my side of the city. And i really want to do a lager soon. Ill have to keep looking I spose.
Hey Morry , try the salvos second hand shops, just picked up a 420lt westinghouse about 10yr old for $90.
Might have to make it my mission to have a decent look tomorrow. I really want to brew soon!
Your next beerfridge is likely standing on the pavement in an are where there is a hard rubbish collection. Sorta illegal, of course. . .

Jovial Monk
Well, I just outbidded someone on ebay for one, so Ill hopefully be picking it up tomorrow to do some brewing!

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