How Would You Describe Hops?

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Took my son and a couple of his mates to the Ballarat Beer Festival and tried to play the role of wise old beer bloke imparting my beer knowledge with the boys.

One thing I found difficult was articulating how recognise the hop flavour.

One pearl of wisdom I pulled out of a certain orifice was "you can taste the hops in the aftertaste when you burp shortly after swallowing". This was late in the day after trying many many beers.

How would you educate/explain how to recognise the hops in a beer.

What would you tell someone new to decent beer to get the to recognise and appreciate the subtleties of a decent beer.
The only thing that comes to mind is explaining hops in terms of the flavours described in the hop flavour wheel. For example, earthy, herbal, piney, floral, fruity or citric.
I think the aforementioned flavour wheel can be found under ingredients in the forum headings. :mellow:

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