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Hi there, I have just started to get into this beer making hobby, and am loving the learning and challenges! But the first step I am trying take is collecting some decent glass, so what I wanted to know is what is a decent price for good bottles? Tallies? I had some one saying they had some of the flip top grolsch bottles - what would you pay for them? I know I would rather collect my own but want some quicker so have decided to drop the coin.
Cheers for any advice!
Hi Jesse,

If you click on the "My Controls" link (up near the top near your username) and then click on the "Edit Profile Information" down the left hand side, there is an area there to type in your location. This will really help other people know where you are.

So where-abouts are you located?

Go to the tip, you can get them for extremely cheap there, little ones are usually free. Soak overnight in napisan and they're good to go!
where about's are you? i have 100+ lowenbrau and other assorted green crown seals you (or anyone else) can have for free, just come and pick them up. 1hr north of Sydney.
All bottles can be used for homebrew just that certain types have a downside:

Green bottles could lead to problems if not stored away from the light.
Clear bottles are also similar to above
Brown bottles are best.

Stubbies can be good especially if you are brewing heavy beers, but could be a PITA to wash.
Long-necks are good.

Twist tops can be used but after several uses the thread can wear away causing weak points in the sealing of the bottles.
Crown seal tops are preferred.

Big note: if you use twist top stubbies make sure you have a good capper (one on a stand) as the cheaper two-hand ones that come in the coopers kits will snap the top off a stubbies.
I'm based on the far north coast of NSW. Lovely wife got me a kit with the good stand type capper. Have been collecting bottles, just trying to give the collection a boost! Just heard from a family member their old next door neighbor was a crazy german home brewer before he passed so they might see if his family wants to sell some gear! Pity I missed learning some of his German brews!