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I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I cannot mash that
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South Australia
OK, now several brew books I've had a flip through have said that wort is pronounced as 'wert'. Now, many people I have run across pronounce it at 'wort'. The macquarie dictionary says it should be pronounced as 'wert' as well. Is this a tomato pronunciation thing??
I have always said wort.. even though it sounds like something gross, wert seems like it would only be something a posh brewer would say.
I say wert. Actually more like vert. As far as I am aware that is how it is supposed to be pronounced. Germans say "w" more like a "v" so I end up saying it more like vert, but the difference between wert and vert is pretty subtle anyway. I don't know if vert is more correct than wert though.

We all know what your talking about anyway ;)

Cheers, Justin
What Justin said...
And the other one is trub - pronounced troob
I used to pronounce it "wort" until corrected to call it "wert".

I also used to pronounce lautering as "loitering", until I was told that "loitering is standing around your beer" :lol:

why the hell i was saying "loiter" i still don't know.
Wortgames said:
Wort is actually an ancient English word, not German. Its meaning was 'herb' or 'extract of herb'.

Well doesn't ancient english came from ancient german, the saxons and the angles both ventured over from that part of the world didn't they?

I pronounce it wurt, but then again why should I break the habits of a lifetime and pronounce this one word correctly :eek:
I pronounce it like word, but I'm slack, & tend to Australianise some words :)
Like all words -- they often sound different to the way they look.



Like the Supernanny says pronouncing wert as wort is just UNASEPTABILE
thats pretty much how its written vlad, what you see is how you say it.

comunication breakdown
There are two correct pronunciations.
Both Di-ass-etil and Di-a-seetal are correct.
I call mine wort. But my wort is special. Don't know if I've actually said it to anyone. Sometimes my brain speaks for itself. It's a lonely half brain actually.

Could have warned them German brewers they'd have a hard time teaching us to say VERT spelt WORT.

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