How Do U Know If A Brew Is Infected

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anybody tell me what a characteristic of a off beer is like? i have a brew that smells odd.. but not bad... is that considered off? it smells odd.. liek rotten eggs or smth rotten.. but still tastes fine?

just dunno how to tell if a beer is off if it still tastes like beer.. please let me know!
It doesn't sound like an infected beer. There are quite a few different bacteria and wild yeasts that infect beer, and is a very involved subject.
But, if it tastes OK, it probably isn't badly infected.

However, sulphur, which I believe is what you are smelling, is a normal by-product of fermentation, particularly amongst lager yeasts.
Try any CUB beer at a pub. Their strain is particularly sulphitic.

It will fade with time.
what style of beer
what yeast
what temp
what gravity
And how long in primary/secondary.

Also, what does it taste like.

If u can answer the above questions - we might be able to help a bit more...
Due to some unforseen circumstances I happened to leave a K&K in a rack for 4 weeks. After decanting to a keg I opened the lid of the fermenter and it being the black Orlinda wine making type fermenter, noticed heaps of tiny white pinhead sized things stuck to the walls of the keg, having seen this sort of thing in petrie dishes I assumed that the brew was infected with something or other and fertilised the lawn with it.


It was a cooper bavarian lagar.. and it comes with a lagar yeast... i brewed it during the winter months... as i recalled the temp was around 12-15. I don't bulk prime.. i just test the Sg's in the hydrometer.. it was a little above 1010 then i bottled...

thanks all..!=)

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