How Do I Wire Up My Dei Controller

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Hi I purchased these some time ago and need some help wiring them up. I have shown them to a couple of sparkies who are unsure, I understand that the red wires from the power transmitter go to the active and neutral on my power supply. The transmitter then plugs into the controller. The probe plugs into the controller as well. I am however unsure on how to wire up my heating element?? Do I really wire one of the black wires to the active on my power supply then the other black wire to the heating element, then wire a neutral wire from my power supply to the heating element. Anyway just want to make sure I am double sure before any wiring up so if anyone else has wired one of these up before could I please get some pointers. It would be most appreciated.



Not sure where you found your sparkies, but if they couldn't understand that really simple wiring diagram then they should be looking for a new job (or at least make sure their life insurance premiums are up to date).

Same goes for you doing it - if you can't read that diagram then don't even try do wire it up. 240V + mistake = death or house burnt down.
I was trying to keep the post short and brief but I'm guessing I should have explained it bit more.

Yes I want to understand how to wire this thing up, No I don't want to do it myself. Like I said I have tried a few electricians now and seem to be getting the same response that they are not overly keen to touch it. I will try yet another electrician, but I thought if I could understand the wiring better myself and how other units have been wired up I would have something more to go on when I show it to an electrician (and be more confident that it will be wired up correctly).

Yes the wiring diagram looks simple, too simple to me but I am no sparkie and have no intention of trying to be one, however any 240V wiring I have seen tends to have colour coded wires for the active and neatral not the same colour for both? Also the unit has a power transformer which I can only assume is to 12V (don't know as electrician stated it doesn't say what it is being reduced to which ones he's deals with normally do) Any way say 12V is powering the unit, but then the same unit also has 240V going through it as well, this doesn't seem to be a common thing either.

I am guessing I am not the only person who has this unit, so I am asking if anyone has this unit or has experience with this unit if I could please have some assistance or clarification on how to get this thing working so I can finally wire it up and use it in my brewing bliss.

Unfortunately comments about the electricians skill level and the dangers of power isn't helping me out much. I will try yet another electrician and once again if anyone can help me out in any way, it would be greatly appreciated.
I assume there is a transformer in the box? The transformer will supply the temp control unit with 12V. the heating element will be supplied from the 240v side of the transformer and switched through the relay contacts on the temp control unit.
something similar HERE the wiring diagram might help the sparkies, you probably wont have a multi-tapped transformer though

cheers steve

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