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Hi all,

Any one got a proven hoppy red ale they would care to share? Alot of the ones in the DB are Irsish reds and not sure how they would go getting hopped up?

And alot of the ones online don't have any feedback on how they came out..

Thanks in advance.
And alot of the ones online don't have any feedback on how they came out..

Evil Twin ... End Thread (joking)

I have brewed it a few times and it is a cracker, sounds like what you are after. Plenty of people have brewed it and the sponsors up the top have all the ingredients.

Very interesting article and seems to be what I like in beers so will give it a go. How will the late additions go with no chill I wonder?

Cheers DK!
I might have a crack at this for my 2nd a/g on saturday, been wanting to brew a hoopy red for a while. When i was in hawaii last year i went to maui brewing and they had the best red ale hopped with simcoe :icon_drool2:
In this recipe it calls for crystal 40 and 120. What crystal's do i order from craft brewer? pale,med?
As a noob, I've been following the numbers like you. So I would guess Pale & Medium
I brewed one yesterday.

The grain bill was:
3kg JW Pilsner
1kg JW Wheat
750g Weyerman Munich 2
200g Aromatic
200g Caramunich 3
200g Special B

10g Cluster 90 mins

Then a bunch of leftover hops pellets and flowers in the cube. I don't have my notes in front of me, but it was about 250-300g of hops in the cube. Some of the varieties were Centennial, Amarillo, NZ B Saaz flowers, NZ Cascade flowers, Nelson Sauvin, Willamette, Bramling Cross. With all the flowers, I'm thinking of straining through a collander into the fermenter.

Then I think I'll dry hop with the rest of the Amarillo or Centennial or both.

I kept 2.5L of wort for the starter. Pitched some leftover WLP007 I had saved, but the beer on top of it didn't taste great, so I might switch to US-05. Probably a better choice anyway.

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