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Noticed this on HBD.

Jayse, Kook .... ????

If you have a hoppy beer recipe that you'd like to see published in the pages of BYO, please email me. I am looking for original homebrew recipes that have been developed, brewed and tweaked and have turned out great. Email me at [email protected] and tell me about your beer if you are interested.

Chris Colby
Bastrop, TX
iv'e thought about sending in a article of some kind a few times as they are always publishing stuff from brewers everywhere.
as far as a hop head beer my IPA doesn't really come close to cj in j on the HBA site for his 60 hop additions of 2 g each every minute of a hop blend using amirillo cascade and centennial.
and a big hit of either simcoe, chinnook or northern brewer at the start.

my next IPA type beer will be something like this but 5-10 hop additions will be enough iam not crazy enough to stand there chucking hops in every 60 seconds.
but the hops will be amirillo.

also looking at adding a touch of a toasted malt but it seems the only toasted we can get is amber malt. The toasted malt these crazy americans are in love with is aromatic malt.

cheers hop and malt head jayse.
My hop hit recipe isnt refined enough yet IMO. I need more experimentation to get the hops right so its a perfect clean bitterness. We'll see how this one I brewed last weekend goes :)
here's one of the best so far but the better bitterness ones use a simialar grain bill with a wyeast ale yeast.
i'll just give the basics.

jayse's october india pale ale. 23 litres oct 9th 0g 1.064 64 ibu

500 g wheat malt
250 g cara munich.
500 g munich

20 g northern brewer 9.8% 80 mins
20 g chinnook 80 mins 12.2%
14 g cascade 80 mins 5.7%

14 g cascade 15 mins
14 g cascade 10 mins

28 g cascade 5 mins
28 g cascade 1 min

dry nottingham ale yeast 25 g

this is still very malty and balanced so i guess a real hop head one would use much more hops.

as far as IBU go there is no difference between 50 and 150 ibu only the flavour you get from using enough hops to get to 150 ibu but the bitterness should remain the same due to the human threshold to taste bitterness.
the way you get the bitterness to come out is a different story so you can basically make a beer that is 35 ibu that has much more bitter after taste than a brew that is 65 ibu its all about bring out the bitterness not ibu.

apparantly the human threshold is 35 ibu so in theory it impossible to taste more than 35 ibu.

so it is not possible to have too many ibus. it is possible though to have too much hop flavour. For this hop head brew you need to take it to the edge and it would have to be out of balance.
not that thats a bad thing for a hop head brew a good way to do it is use my same grain bills but mashed at 64-65 instead of 67-68c.
also 40-60-70c multi step mashes work great at 30-30-30 minutes

anyway love these beers.

cheers jayse
iam big but not that big of course that should read grams sorry.

cheers jayse

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