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I have an old gas wash copper :) I'm planning to use as my new brew kettle and am trying to figure out what to use as a filter to strain out the hops etc. I have sourced some ss termimesh :) but am looking for suggestion from others that may have done something similar....
The copper has a bottom mounted drain hole (unthreaded) not a side mounted tap like on a keg which would be a lot easier to do somehing with.
I have a bottom drain which is 25mm pipe. I simply got another 75mm of 25mm copper pipe and after putting as many hacksaw slots into it I reduced the dia enough with a ball peen hammer sothat I could drive it into the drain sufficiently to secure it. I get the full flow until the wort level drops below the top of the insert then the dirty bit at the bottom is effectivly filtered.
My drain is offset from the centre so that when I whirlpool, the trub mound sits clear of the drain. If your drain is in the middle, you're gunna hate it.
This is what I have done in my kettle , it works a treat with plugs but very large hop additions of pellets can block it.
Then I need to knock it now and again with the mash paddle , I find with pellets just a whirlpool is all that is needed , I do put the pick-up to one side then.
I think you will need to make up some sort of line from to middle of your kettle to the side
If you use leaf or plug hops, why not make a hop basket from your termimesh to sit in the kettle and keep the hops inside it so you can simply lift it out when you drain.

Thanks guys for the ideas, I'll let you know how I go.

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