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Kegged my hefe weizen 2 weeks ago, Great beer, loverly clove aroma and flavour with a hint of banana. The beer was nice and hazy/cloudy with yeast in suspension and protein haze from the wheat. Now 2 weeks later it is a Krystal Weizen, and I do mean krystal. This beer is even more clear than my normal lagers and ales, which are normaly very clear. Has anyone experienced this with this style of beer, I have brewed this twice before and the same thing happened.
the ingredients and Mash schedule are:

Amount Item Type % or IBU
3.50 kg Wheat Malt, Malt Craft (Joe White) (1.8 SRGrain 66.0 %
1.80 kg Pilsner, Malt Craft Export (Joe White) (1.Grain 34.0 %
35.00 gm Hallertauer [5.80%] (60 min) Hops 19.1 IBU

Mash Schedule: Single Infusion, Light Body, Batch Sparge
Total Grain Weight: 5.30 kg
Name Description Step Temp Step Time
Mash In Add 13.24 L of water at 73.7 C 65.0 C 60 min

And I used Whitelabs Hefeweizen IV yeast.
Given the quantity of wheat and the yeast used I did not expect this to clear at all.
Any comments would be appreciated.

Andrew, enjoying a Krystal Hefe Weizen :lol:
Is it possible that the 2 weeks in the fridge has just caused the yeast and proteins to drop to the bottom of the keg? Bit of a PITA to do it everytime you want a hefe, but is the answer as simple as shaking the keg?

Edit: I seem to remember this happening to kook once before too, can't remember which yeast he was using though.
No 'serious' comment 'cause I haven't brewed a hefe, but after my experience last Monday I reckon I've got a solution for you...

Use the new Weyermann Bohemian Pilsner malt without a protein rest :lol: :lol: A haze that definitely lasts :rolleyes:

I've heard Warren (I think??) talk about brewing a hefe that cleared to the point of needing to roll the bottles before pouring for that 'authentic' touch. Bit tough if you're kegging though I guess...

Good luck with it AndrewQLD,

i just made a hefe that turned out like that - i had 60% weyermann wheat + weyermann pils and munich and a bit of carahell and mashed at 45 for 30mins then 66 for 60. i think my ferulic acid rest became a protein rest... damn. anyway it tasted fine
I've been using 3068 in extract wheats and found it to be an excellent floccer :blink: ,much to my surprise.I bottle so rolling em provides an easy cloudiness option.Maybe the heavy flocc characteristic drags down proteins as well.
Thanks for the replies Guys, at least some other brewers have noticed the same thing. I think I will give my keg a good shake tonight. Still it seems strange that a wheat based beer would clear so brilliantly and quickly. :blink:

I've had this happen with WLP300. Depending on whether you rolled the bottle or not you could choose whether to pour a Kristall or a Hefe :)

My most recent wheat was made with Wyeast 3638. Definitely a low flocculator - the sediment in the bottle stirred up so easily that it was difficult to pour more than half a glass of clear beer. I also kegged some in a 3 gallon corny, and it ran cloudy and yeasty to the last drop. Delicious! :chug: