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Hi Gents,

Hopefully a quick question for those more knowledgable than I.
Not sure if this is the correct section but it seemed the closest.

Recently built a heater guard for my 18month old. Well I designed it, old man built it.
Really simple but there wasn't one that was the right size and so forth on the market.
Just essentially RHS with mesh welded to it.

Was very suprised to find out that localised to the mesh directly in front of the heater got exceptionally hot.
Mind you we'd allowed for some distance (around 50cm). Still damned hot.
It's a one of those convective gas heaters - so only hot air coming out too.

Thought is does anyone know of a good coating (paint or some such) to put on it that would stop the mesh getting so hot?
Or any other thoughts?

I'd expected that the heat would have been conducted up through the mesh to the main frame and therefore the whole thing would have got warm.
Didn't expect the 10cm wide section of mesh to get really hot and the rest to stay cold at all.

Any thoughts?

What about a 2nd bit of mesh on the inside acting as a heat sink / soak ?
On the inside with a gap between I was thinking.

You could just hang it off the RHS to test to see if it works before major mods?
My son was burnt on a gas heater. Maybe you should buy a more child-friendly heater, or make the distance between the mesh and the heater wider.
My son was burnt on a gas heater. Maybe you should buy a more child-friendly heater, or make the distance between the mesh and the heater wider.

Perhaps I should be clearer. The mesh doesn't get so hot as to actually burn. Hot enough to feel hot to the touch..
Also being that it's a convective gas heater rather than a radiant one it isn't too bad.
More that I'm being precautionary than anything.
You're being smarter than I was then. It pays to be careful and avoid those emergency room visits, sorry I can't help you about the paint.
I dont think any form of paint on mesh is really going to reflect heat all that much.. Just build a fort around it, duct the hot air out with an extraction fan if necessary, or something...?

Or if you have the skills, maybe make some sort of sensor system that turns the heater off if someone gets too close. ultrasonic range finder, light beam blocker.. something..
Ended up deciding not to worry too much.

Reason being that it seems it settles down once the heater stops cranking to get the house up to temp.
That usually happens first thing in the morning when the house is cold.

Tonight whilst it's still warm enough for someone to learn what hot means but it certainly won't leave any scars.
So at least unless I see further evidence of it being a problem I'm going to leave it.