Harvesting Yeast From The Bottom Of The Keg

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It appears I pitched an entire starter into a brew a while back, and forgot to save some slurry from the secondary fermenter.
Went to get a starter of that strain tonight and nothing anywhere.
However the keg ran dry a day ago, so I plan on getting some yeast from the bottom of the keg and propogating that on my stir plate.
Anyone tried this before. Encountered any probs (eg unsuccessful) ?

No, have never collected from the bottom of a keg.

I would guess, the yeast in the keg would tend to be less flocculant than the ones from primary.

If it were mine, I would be plating, then making a starter, jut to make sure there is no infections in there.
anyone else done this?? Results??? It seems like a great idea to me!
No different than reculturing from the bottom of a stubbie.
Yeah that's what I figured... just after some advice from anyone who has done it in the past. The way I am thinking of doing it is
1. Keg blows I say 'Shit'.
2. I take off corny cover... chuck in some cooled boiled water (100 ml or so).
3. swirl.
4. tip into a starter stir plate after (attempting!) to sanitise the lip of the corny keg.

Any advice fellow legends?
seriously? I am not bumping of course... but I am surprised this hasn't been jumped all over like a 'my airlock isn't bubbling mofos'??!
Instead of risking infection via pouring through the lid would it be worth adding a couple of litres of water, swirling it around and then pumping it out with gas? You'll have to find a bigger jar to catch it all (or multiple ones like I do) but it might avoid a risk?

*My 2c worth somewhat devalued by the fact that I don't have my keg system up & running yet...
hmmm yeah...that was the answer I was looking for rossco. I will clean and flush my lines prior to doing that and should get a nice clean 'ish' yeast slurry.
Any other tips peeps???
Yeh, definitely don't try to pour it from the corny, it's a bitch. Add a litre of cooled water, swirl and use gas to force it out. Put this in the fridge and allow to settle before tipping off some of the water above.

Obviously, be sanitary with everything you do.

No tips apart from that.
Don't forget to save the slurry from fermenter next time. My extremely valuable tip :)
Thanks guys... yeah... clearly not ideal... but I have a cider in the keg that has a yeast that I use pretty much only when I finish the keg, and seeing as i don't give a toss if it is cloudy or not, i figured this would be a no-nonsense way of just grabbing the yeast to punch on for another round. Not bad having a cider on tap by the way... mixes things up a bit.

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