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dont,know where i will be on new years eve or possibly capable of finding or operating a computer so i thought i would jump in early,so here i go, thank you to you all for your input,questions, advice ,#$%^stirring 2004 has been a top year for me and i wish you all,my fellow hber,s and your own a top year, be happy be safe and knock the top off one for me....cheers lads :D :D
Watching the events unfold of late , yes we will have a Happy New Year compared to so many others

My heart goes out to these people , so many places I have visited in the past few years are in dire straights.
Yeah, its a real shiftfight over there - I have some mates who are working the crisis centres here in Canberra and this makes the Bali Bombing look like an exercise...Shocking.

My missus has a workmate who's Thai wife was there with their son in Thailand. Their son had an argument with his mum, before going for a swim on the beach and she took him shopping instead, as punishment.....He's a very, very, lucky boy.

Take care all...