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Well my week here is fast coming to an end. If any of you are wondering why I haven't sent postcards, well this place isn't really a postcard setting. We are staying in an area that is pretty weird. Lots of street stalls selling great food, & cold beer(I can't handle anymore San Miguel) but also you trip over the chickens and small kids begging. It is sad to see those that have so much & those that don't.
$1 Aus is about 42 peso. 1 beer is 22 peso. petrol is 33 peso per litre. Taxis cost almost nothing. You can drive wherever you want! there is no road rage, although I can't figure out how we were 6 cars wide on a 2 lane road??No toilet seat or paper at most toilets, which is dodgy when you have been eating at street stalls!
can't wait to get home to a few Pilsners @ Paddy's.

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