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Made and tried out my pre keg filter today.

Not too bad. Bought a pope in-line irrigation filter with 13mm/19mm barbs. This has two screw on ends with a removable plastic filter inside.Fairly fine.
Purchase 1m of 12.5mm vinyl tubing and 2 x 13mm plastic irrigation clamps.
Connect the top of the filter to approx 15cm of tube - clamp.
Connect the rest of the tube to the bottom and clamp.

Sanitise unit and keg with boiling water.
This racking tube fits very neatly over the fermenter tap.
Remove Fermenter lid and open tap to rack beer through racking tube and inline filter into keg.

This inline filter removes most of the hops from dry hoping in the secondary. It's surprising how much stuff is filtered out.
I initially tride it with some cheese cloth inserted at the bottom screw in - after the plastic filter. It clogged up within 20secs.
Now if i was presurising this - it might still have worked - not with just gravity though.
Remove and clean the plastic filter when finished.

To remove hops that could clog up your keg ball locks - this works a treat. .
and for under $10.00...makes a home brewer happy.

I don't know - Homebrewers and their gadgets.....

Will post results next weekend when i try the OatKenny Kegged Ale - OCCA for short.
Sounds like Australian ingenuity has succedded again.
Are you able to post a picture of it Ken?


As soon as my mate lends me his digital camera...i will be posting pics of my brew room, homemade mash tun,pre keg filter and keg setup.

Might be able to get it today...
You never got back to me GMK :p
It is ok though as I see you are in the latest BYO mag (Reader Gadget) with the Inline Filter.
Looking nice and relaxed in the photo too :p

******* - i have not seen the latest Byo Mag...

Did the site get a mention?
I have had this filter for quite a while now & have got to give it a go sooner rather than later.

IMG_0546.JPG :icon_cheers:

Many thanks Kenny.

TP :beer:
******* - i have not seen the latest Byo Mag...

Did the site get a mention?

Yes it mentions that you can be found online at

which edition???

The one that arrived yesterday. I'm guessing Dec/Jan


Edit: It is actually the Jan/Feb issue.
I actually use the exact same filter, but mine is for bottling

I costs about $7 from bunnings for all the bits and pieces and works like a charm.
so glad i found this thread. will pick one of these up from work (bunnings) to filter out all the little bits of raspberry when i rack to the keg
Yeah looks great and easy to make. How long does it take to run 19 through it into your keg?
Best thing is to Crash Chill for 3 days and then filter, ive had shit luck with dry hopped beers and these things though... ;)

:icon_cheers: CB
Another great thread.
I was going to ask how to gravity filter before kegging... found this thread with the search function, and now have all my questions answered.
Time to buy some more beer bits and pieces!!
That does look entertaining....

From what I can suss out from the pics it has some sort of pressure switch on the outlet side of the pump (hence the cabling to the top body). Filter appears to lock on pre pump. One could almost restrict the flow with a ball valve on the outlet, and allow the pressure switch to compensate, otherwise with it's flow rate a 19L keg would be full in under 20 seconds.....
The pump is sold seperate,
The pump is $99
The filter is $19.99

But that filter does look pretyt good, I may have to go in there at lunch time to check it out.

Ah yes, opening the actual catalogue does show that.....

Although, I do already have a marchy on the brew rig, no reason I couldn't hook the filter housing up to. Throw in a few JG fittings and it's job done.

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