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I posted this topic ages ago , and was reminded by a thread running on Grumpys forum at present.

Who here uses one? I have one that I have been meaning to use but never have go around to it.

Cleaning.... takes longer to clean-up by all accounts , that's not really too much of a problem for me , when you do AG's you learn all about cleaning up

What about the siponing? Surely this is not that bad

Point is I can fit two fermenters in my freezer , if I used class I would fit four in

Only one way to find out I know....try it Batz! :p
Batz never uses class :D :D :D

I meant glass :blink: :blink:
Never used one. The one attraction for me (lots of disadvantages) is the idea of using a Fermentap to remove/harvest yeast in a pseudo conical fermenter but I hear that the curved glass top is too shallow to really work as a cone.

Anyone ever seem a similar system for a plastic fermenter? A coned lid would work a little but you would always get yeast round the curved neck.

I use a glass carboy and swear by it.
I primary ferment in a plastic bucket then rack into glass carboy (small surface area exposure to oxygen/air)
I use an oxygen based CIP cleaner which cleans it up no worries.

I don't use one and I think they are probably a bit dear so I'm unlikely to bother, however a mate of mine has a good setup going with his glass carboys. He likes to use them for lagers mainly because of supposed oxygen permeation through the plastic and long lagering times involved (I don't know if this is a real issue or not? Anyway). He used one of those orange carboy caps that have the two outlets on them (you can find them on to which he had attached a stainless diptube from a keg to one and a connection to hook CO2 up to on the other.

He then pushes his beer out with positive CO2 pressure into his kegs. It works pretty well and beats syphoning. I have been with him before when he's been trying to syphon before this setup and IMHO it was a right PITA when you compare it to the convienience of a tap on the side of a plastic fermenter.

I do like the idea of the fermentap, if not only for the ease of having a tap on your carboy.

hoopsunitedbrewery said:
I primary ferment in a plastic bucket then rack into glass carboy (small surface area exposure to oxygen/air)

I chuck a bit of boiled DME into my plastic secondary when I rack. As it ferments, it fills the headspace with CO2. (I think I picked up that tip from a post of Doc's on these forums).

EDIT: I think glass carboys are overrated. Their popularity in the US is a direct product of their availability. You notice all those water coolers in all the offices and homes on American TV and movies? They are the sole reason that glass carboys are popular - there are just so many around. Now that the glass carboy is standard in the US brewing community, they think the reason is because the vessel is in some way superior to plastic. The O2 permeability of HDPE is an issue only if you're aging in secondary for ages and ages and ages, imho.
I have had a lager in my glass carboy (after racking off the yeast) for 9 months - not by choice but I had to go away with work.
After 9 months it was bloody great.
I like that you can see thru clearly and tell what the yeast is up to. Surprising how turbulent the yeast is during primary fermentation.
Are we to be the only 2 brewers using glass carboys then Batz????
Except for the cost factor I would say go for it Batz, especially if it means you can fit more in your freezer - the more the merrier :chug:
Well I am going to give it a go

Thanks Hopps
One glass carboy................................................................$65
Yoo Bute Lager ingredients..................................................$20
6 months waiting time.........................................................$0
wet slippy heavy glass thingy in 100 wet pieces.....................f*#king priceless
# of days in the SWMBO doghouse for the flooded floor..........????????
Some of you guys are so paranoid about breaking glass !

Do you grink your brews out of tin mugs?? <_<
Batz said:
Some of you guys are so paranoid about breaking glass !

Do you grink your brews out of tin mugs?? <_<
Nah mate. SWMBO let me put away the plastic cup and try pint glasses when I turned 30 and hadn't dropped one for a whole week! :D

Beer glasses rarely weigh 30Kg! I know you top-enders like a big beer, but...
Carboys are easy to clean ... heavy to lift ... but exceptional to brew in. Have three and [reaches for head] touch wood have never dropped or broken one.

OK so I decieded to give it a go , racked into glass carboy , very interesting being able to watch what is going on in the carboy over time.

Racked to the keg OK , cleaned up the carboy , this is where I all goes wrong

I told you so Batz ??? :angry: :(
Oh dear! Damn. Is you foot still attached Batz?
3 golden rules with glass carboys (though I could probably think of more) :lol:
1) Never handle 'em pissed (no fair) :(
2) NEVER handle them with wet hands!!!
(Sorry Batz but I'm picking you may be guilty of at least one of the above two) ;)
3) Beg, borrow or do whatever and put them in milk crates when you carry them. Makes all the difference.

All this notwithstanding Glass carboys will last you for ages and don't scratch like plastic.

Warren -

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