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Fs: Assorted Malt

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Well, the time has come to move on and hence all this is being as offered as one lot. I haven't brewed at all last year and rarely the year before coupled with some very recent life changes and I am going to start selling off my brewing gear.

I think the easiest way to do this is highest bid by Wednesday 5pm. I don't want a lot a money for all this, but I want it gone.
Pickup Mildura or I will put it on my ute and transport it to Mount Barker SA this Wednesday/Thursday and pick-up from there. At a stretch I might be prepared to deliver to Adelaide.

The Hoepfner I have had since 2004, but it has always been stored in air-tight drums and cool. Other malts are from various years between then and 2010.

I lifted the lids to take some pictures and the malt aroma is still very strong. There are 7 drums in total, each lid has a rubber seal to make the drum air tight. The weights should be pretty to close to what is there, I am not going through and re-weighing every bag.

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a shame its not in melb.

theres like $300 of grain in there (prob more. thats just me adding up the first 6 bags)
Malted has just picked all the malt up. Have fun with it all mate.
Malted has just picked all the malt up. Have fun with it all mate.

Thanks Kirem. The crap loads of yeast and a few kilos of hops were an unexpected bonus!