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The problem with those is that they turn a heat source on when it gets too cold. What you need from a fridge controller is to turn on the chiller when it gets too hot.
The unit at the bottom (0-40 degrees) is the same as the one I bought from a brew shop about6 mths ago and I paid $105.00 it works a treat but I wish I had paid $60.00 like the one above.
hell !
Mine cost me $115 , good site thanks
Linz you are a T.A.B. :rolleyes: One of the best.... that is brilliant.... who would of thort of looking for 'brewing fridge controllers' under 'Tropical Diamond Python, supplies and equipment'. D'oh!! <_< No wonder I never find the cheap stuff... I only look for brewing equipment under "Brewing".... idiot!!

Thanks heaps.... not ready to buy it just yet but looking forward to the fact that I told the missus it would cost a bit over a hundred.... wonder what I am going to buy with the extra fifty... :D
SORRY guys,

Postie is right!!!!!

its a no go...I got a busted one of my mate who showed me this site.I been frigging with it but theres no way it will work the way we need it to.

Apparently they do stock a FAN controller(the critter we need for our fridges)but I cant find it on their site.

Another place for Sydney persons is Kellyville pets.
Well I can see it !
are you indicating the thermostat model"THAT 040"?

Some of us need to turn a heat source on. I have a little Jaycar thermostat in a non-working fridge. It is wired to some light-globes at the bottom of the fridge.

I set the temp guage, and during winter when it drops too low, on go the light globes to bring the temp back up. The fridge keeps it insulated so the globes are on for a short time each day which cuts the power costs (as opposed to a heat belt). Works great for me.

The thermostat works both ways, in that it can open a circuit if it gets too cold, or open another if it gets too warm. In theory you could mount it in a working fridge, with the same light globe set up in the bottom.

For $20, it was a worthwhile investment for me.
High-low thermostats are the beez kneez for brewing. Wasabi, I think you mean it closes a circuit rather than opening?
Yes Linz
thato 40 , same as I use on my fridge
So has anyone found a good, cheap fridge controller yet?

A housemate is moving out, and another moving in. He has access to another fridge in a month or so too :)

Means we can use that for food, and our current food fridge (mine) will now become a fermentation fridge :D
I have bought oneof these thermostats (that040). does anyone else have one? I recall Batz having one??
What is the thermostat model? the one I have is set to always on. it is a cotherm model thermostat. it is used for holding a warm environment - for snakes.
Great for cold weather, but i live in the tropics.....
any help or ideas would be well appreciated.
Can the thermostat be changed for a normally off, or both? :huh:
May have given you a bum steer there siiren , looks like mine but mine is nomally off ,don't know what you could do with that , bet someone in Tassie would like it for there hot box
I'm a little curious, you dont actually answer the question on the grumpys forums there. Could you PM me a copy of the PM you send Shawn?

Is this "Danfoss UT72" a 0-40 temp controller that can switch 240v AC? Ie, is it mounted externally to the fridge?

Where can I purchase it? :)
For what it's worth mine has a sticker on the back
Mounted outside the fridge , looks like that040 pic
For those interested, here is a piccy of the Danfoss UT 72.
It is 240V AC switchable and has a dial range from -30C to 30C.
It is available through your local Danfoss agent at $85.80. If you can get trade price it will cost $64.35.


DrunkArab, do you need to wire this one in or does the AC cord plug straight into it?

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