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Has anybody tried Fresh Wort? I saw it in the local brewshop the other day, just wanting to know if anybody has tried it?

Their American Pale Ale is divine, with plenty of cascade hops. The Amber Ale I found to be very commercial tasting, while still standing head and shoulders above commercial equivalents. Lastly their Bock, whilst not in season at present, is absolute mothers milk.
In short, I quite like them. They are simple to brew (just pour them into your fermenter, add 3-5 litres of water, yeast and you're away) and come out fantastic. They may seem a bit expensive, but really they are only a few dollars more than a kit, booster and finishing hop combined.


The stout is bloody marvellous too.

I added a bit to it though:

Esb Stout wort kit,
1.5kg liquid dark malt
1kg morgans dark crystal extract
60g goldings
2 heaped tablespoons ground coffee
whitelabs irish ale yeast.
O.G 1.088 F.G 1.028

Really thick and creamy....sensational on a nitrogen system.


RainyBrew :chug:
Well, I might go and give it a go next time on looking at them.

Bit of a newbie question but whats a nitrogen system, is that a keg running on nitrogen rather than Carbon? I was pretty lucky being able to convince the wife that I should go a keg in the first place. another gas tank might spin her out :
A nitrogen system can be run on your current keg setup with the addition of a nitrogen regulator. Beer Gas, as it is commercially refered to, is a mixture of nitrogen and carbon dioxide with nitrogen making up either 50%, 60%, or 70% of the mix. Nitrogen takes longer to be absorbed by the beer (read a 9 day carbonation time, on average), and thus it takes longer to disperse once poured. It is responsible for Guiness' tight, creamy head and works very well with all stouts, many porters and other beers such as belgian and irish reds.


Do you mean the ESB fresh wort kits?

Certainly worth trying and even easier than an ordinary extract kit (eg. Coopers).

I've tried the amber ale - dryhopped some cascade and found it a winner.

The wort is added to the container while still hot, so as it cools it should force the sides of the container to be a little concave.

Has anyone tried the new Irish Red Ale Fresh Wort kit?


Sorry Doc, I posted a thread a while back saying that I had brewed it and was going to let everyone know how it turned out. I promptly forgot to get back to you all about it.

I brewed this one with 1kg of Morgans Caramalt and 12g Fuggles - Dry up to 19 litres. I kegged it with CO2 (should have tried it with nitro instead) and it is fantastic. Not really what I would call a red in colour - slightly darker - but the flavour is sweet with quite a bit of caramel/toffee, obviously increased by the caramalt. Lovely velvet/creamy mouthfeel as well. A definate winner for me! I will be making it again very soon.