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To all you wonderful sandgropers :D .

Looking at coming over to Perth just after Easter next year with the out-laws who will be visiting from the UK and was wondering if anyone can recommend some good quality and reasonably priced self contained accomodation, 2 bedrooms a must. Prefer to be in Freo or near Perth city.

Any assistance greatly appreciated.

TDA (Mark)
I've hired executive serviced apartments for work colleagues, but they are pricey.

There are quite a few cheaper apartments up the coast, around Hillarys, but that makes it a long way from Perth or Freo.

So not much help.

But for something different, I have often thought of hiring these when I have people over.

2 houseboats on the Swan

You can travel all the way up into the Swan Valley and do wine tasting. Unfortunately cant go past the causeway downstream, which almost gets you to the city, but nowhere near Fremantle. And it might be close living with the inlaws.

For beer tasting/ swapping try my place in Bayswater if the family allows and if I am around.
And head to Little Creatures if I'm not for good atmosphere, good food, great pale ale and average pilsner.
TDA, is a good place to visit for cheap accomodation featuring specials at all the good spots. Worth a look and you can book online :) .

cheers nm
I used to stay in perth for 4 days earlier this year. I stayed at Riverview on Mount Street Apartments. It was cheap, clean, self contained, roomy, off street parking. trendy cafe downstairs, and close to Perth CBD and also next to Kings park. Just ask for a room out the back where it is quiet. It does need a facelift as the rooms are 70's decor but excellent value for money IMHO. I would say it is 3 &1/2 star accommodation. If you are after something a bit classy then forget it.

I notice it isn't on wotif atm, but search engines will bring you plenty of hits.

I always stay at the 'Wentworth'
For a couple of reasons I am cheap so is it
It's right in Hay St. In the gutz of the pubs bars , english pub down srairs and Belgium Cafe a stone throw away

It's clean but old , I have used the self contained and they are fine , I believe you only sleep in a room and spend more of your time out , so why pay for some fancy pad?

Batz (cheap)
TDA, the "reasonably priced, self contained" part is probably the difficulty in Freo; it is mainly residential now, so these places are fewer and farer (not really a word, but hey) than they used to be. If you're flexible on this though, and are thinking along the way of Batz, there are still some "Hotels" in Freo that offer pretty cheap rooms, like The Norfolk, which happens to have a pretty choice beer garden. It's also within half a k of Sail & Anchor and Little Creatures...
Thanks everyone for replying :) .

Price probably isn't a real issue as the partners parents are shouting :p

Reckon we will spend 3 days in and around Freo/Perth and the same amount of time around the Margaret River area.

I will hit the WA Tourism website and have a look around.

And when the time comes it would be great to catch up for some beers with fellow AHBers. :chug:

:chug: Easy TDA , jump on a plane to Dampier :chug:
try the airport cabin/caravan park it is the closest park to perth city,and about 500 metres from the airport entrance with bus stops close by ( very short walk) the public transport system in perth is absoloutly first rate. makes adelaide transport look like 3 ring circus it truly is. the 2 room cabins are fully self contained and good quality, cost about 100.00 per night but buy your own groceries and use the kitchen in the cabin and you will save heaps.we did this when over there 3 weeks ago and it gave me more money to spend in breweries after all if your are going all that way why not look out for the number one beer sampler !
forgot to add in last post in margaret river there are only three things to remember 1 bootleg brewery 2 wicked ale brewery 3 colonial brewery.
Okay, accomodation in Freo is booked.

Staying at Morgano's 175 Hampton Rd, South Freo.

2 questions:

Is it far from LC Brewery?

Is it far from the Sail and Anchor?

Thanks in advance.
Depends how far down Hampton rd you are but should be quite walkable.

Edit: GL takes no legal responsibility if TDA, any of his family, any one else reading AHB should become lost or run over by a train while wandering round Fremantle pissed with a smudged printed copy of this map in their hand. All locations are approximate only. Any after effects of trying the polenta crusted mussels with 27 pints of LCPA are solely the responsibility of the map user. There is a busy road, a railway line and a harbour on the way to Little Creatures and you should exercise all due caution in these locations.

Excellent work GL, thanks.

Hope we can get together for a drink with a few other WA AHBers.

Only another 1500 Km TDA and you can drop in to see me , couple of beers , spot of fishing ;)


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