First Biab - Forgot The Irish Moss

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Now don't get me wrong... I am fussy about hot break and hops etc. I keep as much of them out of my FV as I can. Just don't go leaving behind 6L of wort in order to get crystal clear wort - and don't panic and try to do things like filter etc if you do happen to get some trub into the FV. It'll be fine. You will arrive at a point where you reach a compromise between clean wort and time/effort/waste required to get it. The balance point will be different for everyone.

Cold break - is enough of PITA to separate that I don't think its worth the bother. You have fundamentally no chance of leaving it in the kettle, so you have to dick around with racking in the first 24hrs.... and its just not worth it IMHO. It has only minimal influence on the final beer.

Glad your first AG is making you happy... pour it into a ceramic tankard and no-one needs to know it isn't clear :)


Don't worry too much about the cloudiness; it's common, especially with homebrewed beers.
You could try cold-crash or fining agents like gelatin to help clear it up. Otherwise, enjoy the brew regardless.

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