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Maybe everyone should be fired for drinking Bud :)


He had a Bud Light; now he doesn't have a job
By Dustin Block

RACINE - Isac Aguero made it a Bud Light on Saturday night. His employer thought it should have been Miller Time.

The 24-year-old from Racine said he was fired Monday, the same day a picture appeared in The Journal Times showing him holding a bottle of Bud Light. The picture was taken Saturday night, while Aguero was out in Downtown Racine during Mardi Crawl, and appeared as part of the JT's weekly "On the Town" feature depicting area nightlife.

The problem: Aguero was a forklift operator for CJW Inc., the area's supplier of Miller Brewing Co. products.

He said he believes he was fired unfairly.

"It was a Saturday and I wasn't at work," he said. "They can't tell me what beverages I can drink."

An employee at CJW who refused to give her name confirmed Wednesday that Aguero was fired, but said she could not comment about the circumstances of his dismissal.

Aguero said he learned there was a problem with the photo shortly after he showed up to work on Monday. Co-workers told him he was in trouble for the picture. He was then called into the general manager's office and was told he was fired.

Aguero said he was not given a reason for the dismissal, and claimed he never had problems with his bosses at work. He had worked at CJW for about 4 years before he was fired - and had drank Bud Light even longer than that.

"Bud Light's my beer of choice, I always drink that," he said. "Just because I work there, do I have to change what I drink?"

Aguero added that he was never told he couldn't drink Bud Light, and there was no reference in the employee handbook to avoiding certain drinks.

He had at least one supporter in the beer distribution business.

"We hate to see anybody get let go who's enjoying a nice cold Bud Light on his own time," said Dave Hock, vice president of Beechwood Distributors, the supplier of Anheuser-Busch products for southeastern Wisconsin. "We hate to see that come from any competitor, be it CJW or anybody.

"We don't think it's fair to the individual to be fired based on what he was drinking."
The whole company should fire themselves for supplying Miller!

- Snow
My mate who used to work at the Carlton Brewery on George St Sydney said there used to be a pipeline that went from the Brewery into the police station next door. :D Of cause this was many years ago. :chug:

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