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As some one who has just completed his fourth brew I have caught the bug. I have just bought my second fermenter. Just a query, who has got five or more fermenters?
4x30l fermenters, 1x15l fermenter, 3x22l jerrys, 2x12l carboys.

They just keep multiplying, somehow.

And I just hate it when any of them are empty!!!

Edit: Can't count...
Sounds like my thought of getting a few more does not seem far fetched! I have created a monster. Have any of you guys enrolled for a BA meeting ?(Brewers Anonymous).
5 x 25 litres, 1 x 30 litre, 1 x 60 litres, 4 x 15 litres.

4 x 30Ltrs, probably getting another 2 shortly.
I feel like Im underequiped with 2x 25lt buckets, 1x 25lt screw top carboy(did have another but stripped the tap)and 1x15lt
and i have less ie 3 30 ltr ferm and 2 ..20 litre cubes and a 20 litre bottling bucket
Glass: 2x15 litre, 1x25 litre, 1x30 ltre, 1x35
SS: 4x50
Plastic: 2x30, a stack of 25 litre buckets with taps, 5 I think
In the last six months, a 60 litre and 30 litre plastic died.
5 x 25L, 2 x 30L 1 x 50L for me.

I guess an obvious questions would be where do you get bottles? I have put the word out to all I know but I have the feeling that that wont cut it eventually.
where are you located, i have a few spare if your in brizzy
I've got four 30L fermenters.

One for primary fermentation.
Two for secondary fermentation.
One for bulk priming and bottling (got it cheap because it had no lid).
Its not so much "bottles"

its more "KEGGING!!!"
6x30lt 1x25lt

Yeah my order is this...

1. Master Kits
2. Master All Grain
3. Start Kegging

I am planning to join a local club so that should speed the process.
scotsdalebrewery said:
I am planning to join a local club so that should speed the process.

You have. It is called AussieHomeBrewer.com.
We are everywhere :p

3x30 and 1x25 litre fermenter.
2x20 litre cubes.

Linz said:
define local....

to you, and we will sort out the nearest AHB brewer and send them around to assist with your brewing(for small fee or cut of the batch)

Welcome to M I B :ph34r:

Men Into Beer :party:

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