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Eoi Large Kegerator Setup (all New)

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The Pope

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Westinghouse frost free 502 fridge with whiteboard & crownie bottleopener with cap catcher installed on freezer door.
5x 18L kegs, 1x 6.8kg Co2 cylinder, 4x taps, John guest manifold set up to suit 5 taps with individual one way check valves on each, counter pressure bottle filler fitted with modified washer to also suit glass bottles etc.

All is pretty much brand new.
Only connected the 1 tap so far (gas lines etc for others are still in the cupboard) and filled just 1 keg only (still 2/3 full of double choc porter if you want it lol). Gas cylinder still pretty much full (1/3 keg use only).

Open to offers
Does the Batz Brewery sticker come with the fridge??????
Depends on if you think it increases or decreases its value lol
would decrease it as thats a mega brewery now there is stickers every where ;)

are you getting out of brewing or god forbid drinking?
Luckily I already replaced it with a AHB sticker then lol.
Pretty much selling up everything for a fresh start, hopefully interstate...
Could you re-upload the picture/s please?
The photo above is now working.
Not sure how old the fridge is as I got it 2nd hand, but she is in really good condition. Works beautifully and has good seals etc.
And the Batz sticker is still there, only it's on the side now mate :)
$1000 if sold this week...

Below is an idea of costs involved NOT INCLUDING the fridge itself or postage costs on items...
C02 cylinder $350
Counter pressure bottle filler $129
4x taps at $90ea ($360)
5x kegs at $60ea ($350)
5x gas disconnects at $20ea ($100)
5x beer connects at $20ea ($100)
5x John guest manifold fittings at $20ea ($100)
5x one way check valves at $20ea ($100)
5x beer lines at 2m lengths each $25
Few meters of gas line $10
Bottle opener with cap catcher $30
Whiteboard + markers & duster $25

(Comes with almost a full keg of double choc porter on tap)
Can't believe I can't even get $1000 for it lol... Things must be tuff for everyone atm!!!
Only 1 keg, 1 tap & 1 gas lines and about $1 worth of gas has been used (wouldn't even call it used lol) and comes with almost a full keg of double choc stout (all grain)

THIS PRICE till Sunday only. Otherwise I will wack it back up to $1200-$1500 and start using the thing with no rush to sell. I will even throw in a bottle of 12 month old mead haha
It is a pretty great deal for someone wanting to start a 4 tap system up. The fridge mightn't look the best but for the other equipment alone it's a great deal

If you get desperate maybe try selling it separately

Good luck with selling it!!!
The fridge is in really good condition and looks pretty decent, it's just a shitty phone pic.
Anyway, worse case scenario I'll fill the kegs with water and cordial and let the kids enjoy it...
Definitely worth the cost for this if anyone is keen to get into kegging with a decent setup straight up.

Worth well over 1k for it all...

One thing I did enjoy is the "5x kegs at $60ea ($350)"


Well you know what tight wads that populate this forum they want everything for nowt.

Too far away for me and I don't have the spare cash. Maybe stick it on the EvilBay.
If only you were closer Pope, my fridge is on it's last legs unfortunately
cant believe this hasn't gone, i'm a stay home dad, so no $$$, if some cash falls in my lap!! I'll grab it. and yer just round the corner too :D
How much would it be to put it on a truck to WA??? ;)
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