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I was down in Melbourne the other day and got given a few bottles of somethin called Empire Lager, apparently its some new offer from CUB thatt due to be released onto the market any day now.

I haven't tried it yet, but does anyone know anything behnd the scenes about it?
Saw some bottles of it in the bottlo in Mayfield on the weekend, so they've made it up here. Had a look at the bottle but it had no info on it. Was relatively expensive from memory (in the $3 a stubbie bracket). Just thought, CUB + $3 beer = crappy ripoff and didn't think any more about it. Happy to have my prejudices challenged however...

This is the new offering for CUB aimed directly at the female market.
They are going to shove the advertising down our throats about it too, with lots of tv and newspaper ads planned.

There was a small writeup about it in the paper a couple of weeks ago.

Well, I'll chill one tonight and share it with my wife, and will let you know tomorrow how bad it is ;-)
CUB had put on free Empire at a gig I played with the band last week - the Xpress birthday party at the Office with Little Birdy and us. Wasn't a bad do.

However, Empire was shithouse. $6.50 a stubby (admittedly club prices, but still) and it tastes to me like they have re-bottled Carlton Draft.... it's got that same rubber-bandy type aftertaste. Pretty foul. I don't think chicks will go for it.

Ok, well I don't think it was as bad as I'd expected, though I'd never buy one, and doubt I'd drink a freebie ever again.

My wife though enjoyed it. She said she liked the fact that it wasn't as bitter as some Australian lagers.

It was certainly a lot sweeter than the other swill, and I have to admit that acidic after taste that is so common in Ozzie commerical beer wasn't there, but where Vindy says "rubber bandy aftertaste", I'm going to go for dank and milldewey.

Stay clear of it guys....it doesn't even come close to a premium beer.....
ive heard what the beer giants are aiming for is to make one beer and adjusting it at bottling for another beer ie then water it down for light, add some hop emulsion at bottling for a so called more premiun etc.west end made 107 pilsner which is west end draught then at bottling they added some german hops.probaly herbrucker or saaz but ive only tried it once when my taste buds had been killed anyway they probaly only add more P.O.R knowing the giants.
i dont know this for a fact but have heard that is what they do.
oh the poor masses that have yet to try a beer that really rocks which of course can only be made at home.