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Douglas Wood shows he is a true blue 'Stralian.
Great news that he was freed safely.


Here is a snippet. Full story here

Freed Aus hostage craves beer
Canberra, Australia - Australia's prime minister hailed the rescue of countryman Douglas Wood from insurgents in Iraq as a miracle, and his family said on Thursday he was in high spirits - he even asked for a beer and news of his favourite Australian Rules Football team.

Wood has not lived in Australia for years - he's a U.S. resident married to a Californian woman - but has remained loyal to his team from the southern city of Geelong where he grew up.

At an emotional news conference in Canberra, two of his brothers, Malcolm and Vernon, described their first telephone conversations with their older brother since his dramatic rescue on Wednesday following 47 days as a captive of Iraqi insurgents.

"Doug sounded remarkably composed," Malcolm Wood, 57, told reporters. "He asked me whether the Geelong Cats would win the premiership this year."

Douglas Wood, a 64-year-old engineer, was recovering in Baghdad after being held for more than six weeks by insurgents who kicked him in the head, shaved his hair and demanded Australia remove its 1 400 troops from Iraq.

One of his first questions to Australia's counterterrorism chief Nick Warner, who headed Australia's six-week quest to secure the engineer's release, was whether he had any beer.
A nice story in The Age here too

It took little more than 12 hours for the Geelong Football Club to respond to the best unplanned marketing stunt of its 146-year existence.

Along with a beer, Douglas Wood wanted an answer to one question when he came face to face with an Australian for the first time after his rescue: "How are the Cats going?"

Having heard the query reported in the media, Geelong quickly arranged to send Mr Wood a complimentary membership and a Cats guernsey signed by the senior list, as a get-well-soon gift.

"We're going to try and get him along to Skilled Stadium and show him off to the public, if he's willing to do that," Geelong chief executive Brian Cook said yesterday.

If he takes up the offer, Mr Wood may be joined by three mates at the centre of a network of up to 40 old school friends that has been rekindled since he was taken hostage. David Edge, Mr Wood's best friend through high school at Geelong College and into early adulthood, said he felt "terrific relief" after speaking to Vernon Wood on Monday night about the rescue. Mr Edge said he suspected his friend's gregarious nature may have helped him survive.


"He wants some VB so I'll send him over a box. We might then find he comes out here and we'll take him out for lunch," Mr Fidge added.

poor bloke.survives being a hostage and now his mates want to poison him with vb. :lol:
I guess the fact that he asked for VB shows you how distressed he must have been! That said I reckon anything would taste good after what he has been through.
big d said:
poor bloke.survives being a hostage and now his mates want to poison him with vb. :lol:
Always thought they were a strange breed in Geelong :ph34r:

And here's cheers to Alexander Downer for claiming it was more than blind luck :beer:

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